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Why you should do Social Media marketing for your website?

Were you aware that social media marketing has a higher (read 100%) lead-to-close rate compared to outbound marketing? Did you know that approximately 84% of B2B marketers make use of social media in some form or the other? It does not matter what you are selling or to who you are selling, using popular social media networks as your marketing tool can help you enhance your brand awareness and increase revenues. Simply put, social media marketing ensures maximum returns on your investment.
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At a time when the competition is extremely strife, not making use of social media means losing out on potential audience. Are you still wondering if you really need social media marketing? Yes, you do and here are your reasons.
·      A boost to SEO efforts Incorporating social media marketing as a part of your digital marketing mix will help to improve your websites SEO efforts. With a killer content strategy and a solid presence on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter, you will be able to drive traffic to your website, and therefore, a chance to appear among the top 5 on the SERPs.
·      Great way to build long-lasting relations - Do you know that makes Instagram or Facebook marketing so cool? It is the interaction that you get to have with your target audience. No other platform will let you connect with your customer base the way social media networks does. With a strong social presence, you will be able to read the tweets and shares of your customers and get an insight into their daily lives. You will be able to understand what you customers want or need and maybe adjust your marketing tactic accordingly. Also, you can make use of social media to connect with non-competing businesses, tastemakers and thought leaders in your space.
build long-lasting relations
·      Helps your brand to get noticed  Brand awareness and recognition is an important part of thriving in a competitive business world. With social media, you will be able to always stay in the news. You can maybe just post a simple message, share what someone else has posted, talk about your recent charity event or product launch, create events inviting people to join, post and share pictures, and so much more. The opportunities are practically limitless in social media and you are only really limited by your own imagination. You can make use of the experience of a professional social media marketer to always be the center of attraction across popular social media networks. In fact, social media marketing works a lot like word-of-mouth advertisingâ. And you already know that people are more interested in what other users have to say about a brand than what the brand is saying for itself!
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·      A platform to quickly respond to complaints and concerns  In case your customers are having a problem with your product or service, you would want to know right away. Social media networks allow customers to directly connect and interact with you. This gives them the opportunity to tell you what their exact issue is with your product and you are also in a good position to solve the issue immediately. Several studies have proved that customers greatly appreciate companies that respond to customer grievances promptly. You can gain new customers by being a company that listens.
·      Social media presence builds a strong brand presence  Studies after studies have proved the fact that brands with an active social media presence have a loyal customer base. To be honest, it is not that hard to imagine why. When you are interacting and engaging with your customers on social media, you become less of an organization and more of what you are a group of people who share a common vision. As a matter of fact, it lends your brand with an interesting character and personality that truly attracts people.
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·      Your competitors are on social media, why are you behind?  If no other reason appeals to you, this should. All your competitors are making use of social media platforms to gain new customers, drive traffic to their website and earn more revenue. Why will you fall behind? Do not let your competitors get to your potential customers first! Become social and trump competition.
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Social media marketing is getting bigger and better with every passing year. From a mere marking tactic, it has become a movement. If you are spending thousands on flyers, brochures or TV ads and still wondering where your customers at, they are glued to the social media channels. Don't believe us? Sign up and see it for yourself.
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