What is the importance of Digital E-Brochures post-COVID -19?

What is the importance of E-Brochures post-COVID -19?

The world has been hit by the pandemic drastically leaving all the industries in difficulties. Amidst all the uncertainties, there has been an increasing demand for digital marketing in current situations right from SEO, social media, promotional ads, webinars, e mailers to a revamping of websites.

A brochure is a medium of communication which includes both visual and textual content, it helps in conveying a complex message in the most simplified way to the respective audience. According to research done by Bentley University, 80% of people approach a business after seeing its brochures. 

With the advancement of technology and its influence on online marketing, most of the companies are swapping from traditional printed brochures to E-brochure to showcase their company product or services. The e-brochures are designed by experts in the field of graphic design, where they would come up with the most innovative ideas thus implementing all the creativity in drafting their final product. 

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What are the features of e-brochures?

  • E-Brochures can be used as a Business Profile & Product Catalog.
  • Responsive design is used for e-brochures and it can be accessed through any kind of device mobiles, laptops therefore it is user friendly.
  • It is easier to find a particular topic in an e-brochure, all you have to do is just search for the keyword you are looking for.
  • Call to Action will be embedded in the e-brochures, therefore, any links of the websites or QR codes are just a click away and the prospects can directly call the relevant person in the company.
  • Graphic designers can also incorporate the related corporate videos on the E-brochures and this will help the viewers to fetch more information about the company.
  • Today, Whats app has become one of the most trending mediums to convey information to the audience, it is convenient, quick, and has a higher reach. You can use e-brochure in this medium as a form of communication.

What are the benefits of an E-brochure?

1. It is time effective because the time and energy required for having it printed are minimized. The audience can view the brochure in their preferable devices and it is just a click away. 

2. No wastage of paper, as compared to the traditional prints, e-brochures are Eco friendly and the usage of the paper for printing purposes can be avoided.

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3. Cost-effectiveness, the amount of money spent on digital distribution reduces print and postage costs whilst enriching the reading experience. The files can be shared among the audience in the form of PDF files. E-Brochures are mostly designed by Brochure design company and can be easily downloaded on any device. 

4. Easy to modify and can be reused with the changes you would like to make as the ready made templates are already available.

5. Multi-screen compatibility, E-Brochures can be viewed and downloaded. The E-brochures will be responsive therefore it can be viewed without any interruptions in both smartphones and other devices.

6. Creates brand Identity, E-Brochures helps in creating brand identity through specific pattern, design, color, the typography used for a brand. It can also be used for creating a business profile for a company that will contain basic information about the services and products provided by the company.

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E-Brochures can be used as a product catalog on your website, the prospects and the customers can download it on any preferable devices. E-Brochures play a major role in online business promotions thus making it easier to share among the various online platforms to reach out to the prospects.

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