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Top 7 Digital Marketing Trends to Follow

Over the past few years, Digital marketing has become a significant tool for businesses. This tool has enabled a lot of businesses to gain success with just a few clicks. This industry has always been advancing at a frightening speed. Just to stay on top, one has to keep up with the advancing digital marketing trends. Now, keeping up with these trends is not an easy task, but here we’ve got your back. After a detailed analysis of the existing data on current trends and techniques in Digital Marketing, we have listed down some of the top Digital Marketing trends in the year 2017, let’s take a look –

1. Immersive Marketing

360-degree videoContent marketing has always remained on a high side by providing entertaining and informative content to the consumers. But this industry has also seen an ever-increasing competition which has compelled the market leaders to come up with something more innovative and creative. Businesses have started looking for more and more new ways to stun their audience with creativity. Market giants like Facebook and YouTube have also introduced 360-degree videos and many other big brands are experimenting and finding new ways to amaze their audiences. Marketers are looking for unique ways to provide an immersive marketing experience to their audience.

2. Live Videos

Live Videos have suddenly become one of the most favorite tools on the internet. All major social media platforms such as – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram have recently released the Live video as a new tool for their users. Many of these platforms are promoting their Live video tool heavily and this is something that will stand out in the world of content. People Taking Live Videos With Touch Smart Phone

3. AI Revolutionization

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is another Digital marketing trend that is widely expected to be the biggest revolution in this industry. This revolution won’t affect our jobs but it will influence what we do in our jobs. Marketers would prefer leaving the most time-consuming and logic based jobs to AI just to free up time and think more creatively and uniquely. They will ensure that AI efforts are aligned with strategic goals. Overall, AI would serve as an open source library to the marketers. Artificial Intelligence

4. Customer Experience

One of the major focus for all the companies adopting new advancements in the digital marketing industry is to create an amazing customer experience for their customers. The main aim is to engage with your customers with great content in different and unique ways. Most companies are looking forward to providing an optimized customer experience which is the only way to succeed in near future. Amazing Customer Experience

5. Social Media Analytics

Social media analytics has become one power tool that’s becoming more precise and easier to use. Marketers are focusing on increasing engagement rates and are desperately looking for new ways to measure the quality of content. Instead of focusing on single indicators of engagement such as clicks or likes, Marketers are now taking a step forward by focusing on tracking the whole customer path on its multiple touch points. Rather than analyzing the number of shares per post, they are now finding out the number of leads or purchases the post has actually generated. To prove the whole campaign successful, the only possible way is to know what happens after the click. Social-Media-Analytic-Tool

6. Big Data

Big Data is another key trend that has been selected by many businesses, who have experienced the increase in volume, real-time data and data formats and want to exploit the value to increase sales. Big data can be used for various purposes, one of them being personalized customer experience and marketing. One to one marketing will slowly become more prevalent as brands will weigh opportunity and cost and will find new ways of introducing it into their messaging. Big Data

7. Wearables

According to a survey, there are almost 7.22 billion active mobile devices in the world – that’s more technology than people in the world. Undoubtedly, it’s essential for an organization to understand the importance of smartphone marketing and its relevance to an organization. The wearables market is expected to cross 4 billion in 2017. Businesses are focusing on developing their websites and platforms according to the needs of the average wearable user. They are ensuring that their websites and platforms are optimized for small and more interactive screens to deliver a quality user experience. Smart Watche    
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