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Top 6 trends in Digital Advertising

As the technology is elevated to new scales, we see a surge of novel trends barging into the world of corporate.  Today the digital arena we breathe-in, is enchanting the common people.  The beguiled people are taking-in the new trends to their core. Let us see some of very affective trends that are sounding loud.
Corporate Videos: Today we see more and more corporate videos which are going viral.  Corporate videos, either animated or live shot, generally comes with a creative story imbibed with touchy elements and social messages. People prone to emotions, invariably like and in turn share it on social media. This very act makes a corporate video go viral and give a massive exposure to products or services.
Podcasts: Podcasts can generally be an audio or video file, which are used to broadcast episodic programs or stories.  Today, the corporate world is using Podcasts as one of their marketing tools. One can see/hear various Podcasts on web media and smartphones. Starting from an ear catching slogan to touchy advertisement, Podcasts go all the way.
Blogs:  Blogs, especially operated internally, is a proven form of Marcom. An active blog which keeps updating the success stories and new proposals is the perfect Marcom tool to retain existing customer.  Blogs generally bring in everlasting bondage with existing customers. Many new customers have the habit of studying blog before making up their mind.
Newsletters: Newsletters, be it physical or electronic, is a very effective way to drive-in customers to the business.  The ideal audience; that is subscribers, who are in awe with the product increase the subscription rate drastically via social media and mouth to mouth marketing. Hence a well-designed newsletter is like a passport.
Social media marketing: In the modern corporate world, having a social media site is not just a need - but a sine qua non. Be it corporate videos, blogs, newsletters, podcasts or a campaign, popular social sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can give mammoth exposure because of its like and share option.  Social media plays a big hand in making a product or service go viral.
Campaigns: Campaigns like direct email and physical exhibitions attribute a big role in reaching out to the gigantic crowd.  The modern generation, being very broad, are susceptible to radio and Television campaigns.  Hence campaigns of various sorts have scribbled their names in the must do rule book of the corporate world.
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