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Three Of The Best Sources For Recruiting Talented Tech Workers

Three Of The Best Sources For Recruiting Talented Tech Workers 

Recruitment No matter how you look at it, technology is the way of the future. Whether it be jobs themselves or the devices we carry every day, technology is changing everything about the world faster than we can react. This trend has been prevalent for years but was recently accelerated due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the effects are becoming more visible. Tech workers Traditional jobs and industries have always been on the cusp of disruption due to technology, but it seems that this will fully occur in the next few years. Overcoming this disruption as a company means hiring only the most talented tech employees to work at your company. The question remains, however: Where do you find those talented workers? Below are three of the best and most reliable places to source talented tech workers:

Partner With a Trade School

For those who may be unfamiliar, trade schools are an expedited form of education that teaches students everything they need to know about a specific field in a matter of months. Rather than providing a broad education as colleges and universities do, trade schools give students specialized knowledge that is structured towards a specific career path. Talented Individuals While most people seem to believe that a trade school cannot provide students with an impactful education, the statistical evidence couldn’t be further from this belief. Trade schools are showing enrollment of over 16 million people in recent years, which competes directly with college and university attendance rates. This is due to the fact that many people who attend trade schools are professionals looking to change their careers. Trainings Additionally, trade schools such as Thinkful offer courses that range from simple to complex, yet all are immersed with technology. This means that any employee hired from a trade school is bound to have intensive technical knowledge that other graduates from other educational sources may not have. Search for some of the trade schools near your company to locate potential new employees.

Find a Coding Bootcamp Near You

Similar to trade schools, but even quicker and arguably more intense, are coding bootcamps. If the job you are looking to hire for involves coding, then a prominent coding bootcamp may be the best source for your tech employees. These bootcamps teach you everything you may need to know about a number of programming languages. Specifically, it may suit your company’s interests to focus on hiring coding bootcamp graduates who are talented in JavaScript or HTML. These are two coding languages that deal directly with web developments , which happens to be a growing field. With a large number of companies moving to remote work permanently, web development is going to become more important to a companies’ business model. Coding By hiring coders talented in these languages, you can take the first steps to set yourself up as a company that understands where the future of work is heading. An added benefit of hiring from coding bootcamps is that your new employees will likely need little to no training in order to start working.

Continue Attending University Career Fairs

While trade schools and coding bootcamps are excellent out-of-the-box sources for talented tech workers, there’s nothing wrong with relying on graduates from traditional sources. College or university graduates are effective workers who have proven to be skilled in tech-based jobs over the years. Career Pursue college students who are in their younger years and offer internships at your company to get them. Many students are looking for work opportunities but aren’t comfortable reaching out. When considering who you should hire, look for employees who have a certain amount of analytical skills, as these will be the most useful for tackling tech jobs.


Technology has always been a driving force for change and likely always will be. Creative destruction is a natural process that will ensure there are jobs for people to work, even after the automation of technology runs its course. Interviews To that end, identifying talented tech workers now and hiring them at your company can help set you apart from any of your other competitors. Take the extra step and think outside the box when doing recruiting so that you find the most talented individuals.
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