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The Untold Story With My Client

The Untold Story With My Client

It was a Wednesday morning, around 11 am back in the year of 2016. I finished my regular work and was heading for a team meeting. It was that time when I received a call from a company which is one of the largest Iron Ore Mine Developer and Operator in India. The question for me was; do you create videos? I said yes and we continued our conversation. My initial approach was to understand the pain points of the client so that I can provide them the right solution or to give a reference who could help them. Thriveni pic We introduced each other and as the discussion progressed, I asked the first question. Why they wanted the video? The answer was that as they were a big organization, who owned various mines, operations, and offices across the different states of India, and holding 1000 plus employees but till that date, there were no specific videos been made to portray how they operated and how the life looked like from within the company. I asked what they wanted to communicate through the video? They said they wanted to showcase operations of their mines, company culture, and lifestyle of their people. My next question was what they expect people to do after watching their video? They said there should be an emotional experience for the people who watch it, as they keep their employees as first priority and also believed in team growth. The people who watch the video can  get influenced to become one of our employees, customers, well-wishers, and business-related people. I took detailed notes of the entire conversation, noted the location where the shoot was suppose to happen, and started estimating the production plan. After having a clear understanding, I reached out to my company’s founder Mr. Noufel Anamala  to guide me on the estimation part. We discussed and came up with an action plan and an estimate. We submitted it to the client and went through a couple of revisions on the estimate. The approach and the trust they had in our actions helped us to get the project. As an account holder, my next process was to arrange the team, share the brief, and brainstorm the ideas. I was confident as the team we were working with was exceptional. Mr. Kiran Kesav who was my colleague and creative director handled the creative part of the project and did the scripting. We have been in touch with the client for more inputs and gave them  continuous updates about the progress. We were altogether a crew of 7 members and our schedule was to cover 8 states. We took 5 flights, 2 trains and had to cover 3000 km on road in 10 days. We faced a lot of challenges, let say if its transportation of our camera equipment or facing the harsh climate. We stood together as a team and overcame all the hurdles with a smiling face. taking-video-shoots-using-dlsr At Delhi, we missed our flight as the drone camera battery has been confiscated by the airport authority. With the help of a known contact from the Delhi press, we were able to get back the battery and scheduled the travel for the very next flight. During one of our shot which included a blast in the mine our drone was just missed by the destruction from a flying stone and that was the loudest thing I have ever heard in my life. The experience we had was extraordinary, all the people we met gave a long-lasting memory. We came back to Bangalore with all the footage and started the editing work .We submitted the final video  after a few changes, the video got approved and published on the client's website and social pages. I received very good feedback from the client and the video touched everyone’s heart. The learning lessons I had was.
  1. Travelling teaches you a lot.
  2. Teamwork is very important.
  3. Working towards client's  goal give the right direction to work.
  4. Communication is key.
With a note of thanks, to all who had been a part of this journey, I am ending this article. If you want to reach out to me please feel free to call me on 9901268388. Check out the video here : -  Life at Thriveni
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