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The Journey of Aditi Talwar As A Photographer


Mrs. Aditi Talwar Portrait Photographer

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  Aditi Talwar is an ardent photographer who left her legal job for taking up photography as a full-time profession. Her journey as a photographer has been interesting so far. We interviewed Aditi regarding her interesting journey as a professional photographer and below we have given excerpts from that interview. Newborn-Photography

1) Tell us something about you and how you developed the interest in photography? 

I started to take photos while I was in college and was very passionate about learning how to use my camera quite from the time when I got it.

2) What are the various types of photography you indulge in? 

Portraits of all kinds – Newborn, Toddlers, Families, Adults, Headshots. toddler-Photography

3)  What is the inspiration that keeps you going? 

The fact that there is always so much to learn and explore.

4)  How do you feel when your work is viewed and appreciated by a large audience? 

Definitely feels great, but I also like to sit down and understand where I can better myself and become better than what I am today. toddler-Photography

5)  Tell us about photography and its inception? 

When my daughter was about four months, I did not want to go back to my legal job. I thought I would explore the idea of doing photography as a full-time business before I knew it, it had picked up and there was no turning back. Newborn-Photography

6)  What, according to you, is photography and how do you perceive it? 

For me, it’s capturing moments in their true form as I see, added with an artistic element. So, I am always trying to clear off distractions in backdrops and working towards my imagery as my own artwork.

7) Please share some of your achievements in the photography profession. 

Leaving my full-time job and getting hands-on training and continuing with a portrait business has been a very big achievement for me. Toddler-Photography

8)  How do you feel about your association with Honeycomb creative support? 

Honeycomb team has been fabulous to work with, very supportive, responsive and hands on.
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