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The Four E's of Corporate Video

Educating, Entertaining, Expressive, Easily-accessible:
Modern days digital world is devouring the corporate videos like a hungry wolf. Surprisingly, the consumption rate of such videos has drastically soared up. People, irrespective of age and gender, are very open to this trendy marketing communication.  As per a survey, approximately 60 % of the business (be it of any kind) have one or more Corporate Videos in their bag and are using the same to market themselves successfully. Now, let us see four E's reasons which account for the rise of corporate film consumption.  
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1) Educating:
The basic purpose of any corporate videos is to educate people about the products/services of the business.  Owing to the creativeness of marketing communication design agencies, the businesses are educating their target audience amicably. Since the corporate films come with a creative story, people love watching it.  This very aspect gives rise to the consumption of Videos.  Today in the market, we see many novel forms of corporate videos like 2d animation videos Whiteboard animation videos, explainer videos, product videos, corporate videos, and infographic videos which are educating the audience.   
2) Entertaining:
Anything that is entertaining, is always admired and in turn ingested. This is the basic logic behind any kind of marketing. Hence corporate videos makers, use this strategy and create very colourful looking and lively animated videos which gain the attention of mass easily. People love watching animated characters and radiant backgrounds. Consequently, many businesses lean on animation video makers to produce various kinds of animation videos for all their marketing communication needs which are highly entertaining.
3) Expressive:
People being susceptible to natural human emotions like to feel what they see and hear. The videos produced by corporate filmmakers, more often includes a creative story, a touchy element and are very expressive. Every product or service is highlighted using various kinds of human expressions like fear, happiness, anger, and confusion. The target audience who watch such videos, tend to like and share it on their social medias like Facebook. This very act can make a very touchy video go viral and give a maximum exposure to the product/service.
4) Easily-accessible:
Today 100 % of corporate videos are easily accessible, as they are absolutely free to watch. Most of the videos don't even ask registration or subscription to watch videos. Everyone and anyone, can log on to the internet and watch such videos at free of cost. Smartphones, being another trendy device, also encourages people to watch corporate films at an almost negligible price.  Hence product video makers and viral video producing agencies are in high-demand and continuing to serve the new hunger of business video with gusto.      
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