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The Benefits of Canvas Printed Photos Over Traditional Photos

Photos act as capsules of our memory by capturing a beautiful moment in time that we could cherish in years to come. The best way to preserve these memories is by getting canvas photo prints from renowned fine art printing services in your vicinity. Usually, the practice is to get a photo printed on a glossy paper using traditional photo printing techniques. Previously fine art prints were considered fit for artworks or paintings alone, but now due to the attractive features and longevity, canvas prints are gaining popularity for printing day to day photos. Some advantages of canvas photo prints over traditional photo prints are as follows:
  1. The canvas photos are long-lasting and durable when compared to traditional photos. One of the renowned photo printing companies like Photostop, which is known for quality canvas printing in Bangalore will give you good fine art prints in acid-free canvas making your photos last for 100+ years.
  2. With the sincere efforts of dedicated canvas printing services in your area, you can give a professional touch to your photos by image retouching and flaws removal. The painting-like effect given by canvas prints will give life to your photos and there is also no distraction due to the glossy effect.
  3. Customization is a unique feature of canvas printing services and you can edit the photos and achieve complete perfection in the final prints with the required effects if you hire Photostop, which is known for high-quality canvas printing in Mumbai. You can also experiment with odd sizes creating a piece of art and create a border, which is not the case in traditional photo prints.
  4. While using fine art printing services, you can get a large image of 8x10, 48x48 or bigger sizes and you can easily decorate a wall with your life-size image. You can always divide a jumbo-sized scenery into three large canvas prints and beautify your wall.
  5. Traditional photo prints come with large wooden frames that are heavy, but if you hire Photostop for canvas printing online in Mumbai, they will get you beautiful large size fine art prints that come with borders and are lightweight.
So, gear up and hire the best fine arts printing company in Bangalore and Mumbai, which is Photostop. They are famous for canvas printing in Bangalore and also are one of the best places for canvas printing in Mumbai.

Fine-Art-Printing & Canvas Printing is not just a photographic reproduction of artworks and painting. Rather, it is a printing, which captures and imbibes the originality of paintings and artworks. Hence Fine-Art-Printing & Canvas Printing has been the most admired printing works. Earlier, about two decades back, Fine-Art-Prints & Canvas Prints were done using inkjets. Kodak and 3M were some of the popular manufactures of earlier inkjets.

As the technology elevated to new heights, the Fine-art-printing & Canvas Printing industry saw the arrival of effective and wider printing and scanning devices. Epson 9900, the eleven color printer, is one of the best devices which can reproduce artworks and paintings.

Photostop, the Fine-Art-Printing division of Honeycomb Creative Support located in Koramangala, Bangalore & Andheri West, Mumbai is one of the leading present day’s Fine-Art-Printing Services & Canvas Printing Services agency which has gained popularity.

Source – Honeycomb Creative Support (Parent Company of Photostop).
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