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Start Selling Online with an Ecommerce website

Start Selling Online with an E commerce Website

Are you a startup or an established business looking to catch up with the online shopping traffic? According to statistics, over 4 billion people (53% of the global population) are connected to the internet, and nearly all of them (92.6%1) go online using their mobile devices.

An eCommerce website serves as an online store where one can purchase over the internet from anywhere in this world. The last decade records a boom in the eCommerce industry. We have heard and read numerous articles about small businesses shifting online to reach out to their audiences within a short span of time. 

The fastest growth in retail eCommerce between 2018 and 2022 is expected in India and Indonesia.


In 2020, eCommerce sales are expected to account for 15.5 percent of retail sales worldwide. The number one reason people shop online is that they’re able to shop at all hours of the day.

65 percent of shoppers look up price comparisons on their mobile device while in a physical store. Mobile eCommerce is expected to account for 67.2 percent of digital sales in 2019.

Here are a Top 4 benefits of including an eCommerce functionality into your website,

1. Accessibility

We all want to get our hands on things hassle-free.  As a buyer, we would like to look at the convenience of purchasing a product or service online.  Especially during the tough times like a pandemic outbreak, all of us prefer staying home and ordering from various eCommerce websites online. So, being available 24*7/365 days is the need of the hour for you as well as your buyers.

Adding eCommerce functionality to your website would be a bonus for your business to speed up the sales by boosting the number of orders.  According to statistics, online shopping begins after 8 pm which means you could make money while you are sound asleep.


2. Low Operational Cost

For startups and businesses planning to move online, this is an ideal time to accept the change.  A physical store is one such option that will weigh down your bank balance. Getting a store is not a simple thing to do as you will be considering multiple factors to run your business successfully and one such thing is you will have to choose a prime location where you can welcome your target customers. But the world online has abundant opportunities to keep your business up and running without having to spend much. Instead of paying a huge amount of money as rent for your physical store, you could wisely make a one-time investment into getting an eCommerce store for your business from a  web design and development company.


3. Global Reach

When a brand is being built, all of them definitely aim for the ultimate recognition.  All new brands look up to their successors wanting to achieve the spotlight. We could be the next big eCommerce brand.  For all of this to happen, one should go online breaking the geographical barriers.  Your potential customers could be anywhere, across the ocean, or on an island. When you are able to reach out to the other parts of the world the recognition you are going to achieve is huge! Gone are the days when people just stuck to stores made of bricks now all of us are online, businesses should be utilizing it utmost to flourish.

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4. Customer Analytics

Are you a business that takes the support of other eCommerce sites currently? Do you think you are missing out on a few things? You can reap the benefits of your business once you go as an online store as you can measure and track the performance of your online store. Being online makes it easier for businesses to watch and understand their buyer’s behavior. What your customers are looking for?  What are they buying the most? What kind of offers are they picking on? On understanding this you can customize your buyer’s experience improving their customer satisfaction which in turn enhances your revenue inflow. It is time to opt-in for effective marketing strategies for your business with an eCommerce website.


I also come bearing a similar story about a business that had a website but missed out on the benefits as they lacked an eCommerce functionality.


A high-end FMCG brand that focuses on international seasoning products like spices and herbs wanted to revamp their website with e-commerce functionality that portrayed the right level of luxury and exclusivity. Before reaching out to us, they took the support of other eCommerce platforms to sell and also were found on the supermarket shelves. On finding Honeycomb they were finally able to reap the benefits of their own e-commerce platform that allowed them to showcase their products on their website that matched the desired level of luxury and value. Our UI/UX engineers worked on the look and feel of this premium website that fulfilled our client’s criteria, but most importantly- their sales figures went up once their potential customers started visiting their website.

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