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Solo Exhibition – The pinnacle of your success

Your life is a canvas to the world and it’s only YOU who has to make sure that it looks inspiring. Beginning your career as an artist, you only aim for people to recognize your work for which you end up planning a lot of exhibitions with your art group. But, that is not where you should stop, as an artist you should know when to take the right step for your career that moulds your career into a success story. This is the point when you should start planning for your Next Big Step – A Solo Exhibition. A solo exhibition is basically an exhibition showcasing the work of only one artist. Rolling out your own Solo Exhibition can turn out to be an extremely beneficial process for you, as you enjoy a total control over all the main parts of your show. But, as much as it is rewarding, at the same time it is challenging too. But you don’t have to worry, we’ve got your back. We have discussed all the main points and benefits that you have to keep in mind while rolling out an amazing show, let’s take a look –

1. Why Solo?

A Solo show can be a demanding task but it moulds you in the best way possible as a professional. It makes you see a bigger picture of hard work and determination behind a great show. The best part is that everything is in your hands from choosing the right venue to spreading out the word. While rolling out your own solo exhibition, you should be aware of whether you have a well-groomed collection of your work that binds together your ideas and theme or not. You can also take help of a curator who will be able to help you bring different elements of your show altogether. A solo exhibition compels you to think critically about your work and how others will interpret it. A solo show makes you realize that you are sole in charge of your destiny. Inaugration of Exhibition

2. Choose a Venue –

Finding the right venue to exhibit your artwork is one of the most important parts of the process. If you practice on a limited budget, you can research and find enough gallery spaces that are seeking an exquisite range of artworks to fill their empty walls. You can also look up for multi-practice venues or centres with available gallery spaces. Other options may include local cafes, bars, restaurants and libraries. You can also try and search for artist-led spaces who may offer you space at reduced rates. Solo Exhibition By Nazia Khan

3. Work out a Theme –

One of the major decisions while planning up a Solo show is what theme do you want to portray through your work. Many times an art exhibition appears more like a hodge-podge of artworks, so your aim should be to include only those artworks that go well with your theme. Your whole Solo exhibition should portray a good narrative as it will give your viewers a sense of direction about the exhibition. Selection of your works is an integral part of portraying your narrative and so it should make sense to each viewer. Think of your exhibition as a visual story, with each work representing a different character. One of the best ways to learn how to put each element of your theme together is to hit a few local art exhibitions. The final step is to work out on your theme by giving a certain message through your exhibition to your audience. The well you prepare your theme, the more exciting it would be for your viewers. Exhibiting the art work

4. Positioning your work -

Now, this is the time when you have to decide where to position which piece of work. As you walk around the space, you will see the white empty walls are waiting for your artwork to stun your viewers. Most of the galleries that keep on hosting artist run exhibitions have some kind of adjustable hanging systems. It’s better to visit the place before hand and know what kind of hanging systems they have. Also, carry a tool box containing all manner of hanging related bits and bobs. You should hang on your piece of artworks according to the narrative story that you’re going to portray. If possible try and adjust the position of the lights for perfect elegance and now it’s all set to amaze your audience. Exhibiting the art work

5. Spread the word -

You’ve worked really hard to make this show a hit and now what you need is people to come and recognize your work. Social media platforms are the key to get all your publicity related problems sorted. Use your blog, twitter, Facebook, Tumblr handles to spread out the word. You can also try and get your event listed on popular art events sites such as Artrabbit, Time Out etc. You can also create Flyers, business cards and posters and display them in galleries, theatres and local shops. See this as an opportunity to improve your public relations skills and let people know your ideas and inspirations behind your work. Exhibition - Isolation
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