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Significance of photographic print

We are in a digital era where technology has reached the mainstream and photo prints has taken the side seat. With new inventions and digital driven gadgets, kids of this generation barely know the emotional connection one used to have with a printed photo. Although the digital cameras and technological advancement are a boon in so many ways, there remains emptiness and detachment. We have the photos at our fingertips, saved in so many devices (thanks to technology). But, have we paused for a second and thought whether the photos close to our heart deserve a place in cold devices or in our life? A printed photo, as it grows old, becomes as important as a historical artifact. It has a story to tell you, the love for preserving memories grows in you when you get a glimpse of age-old photos of your family whom you have not seen in real life.
Why print photos in digital era?
Emotional connection:
We get to share, tag, like and comment on photos on various websites, which gives us mere pleasure that people has noticed something that is important to us personally. But at some point it's purely the bond you have with the photo. We always have a special connection with people whose photos are in print. Physically holding a photo creates a touching moment than watching it in latest gadgets. Preserve the photographic prints which has in it special feelings and emotions
Capture the moment:
Digital cameras give us an opportunity to click photos till we are satisfied with a picture perfect image. But, when families and friends gets into the picture frame, we fail to save the light moments we share. We wind up deleting the pictures where people are themselves. This kills the exclusivity of the photo. We do not remember the moment but just the people we were with.
Technological revolution:
The storage for digital media seems to change often according to the inventions. We are forced to move along with the growth of technology to make sure the digital Medias we have saved are still made accessible for usage. Whereas prints remain the only accessible mode all time. In this fast paced life, when we stumble into printed photographs of our close ones, then we realize the purpose of clicking photos. Reminisce the treasured moment as you skim through the prints stored in a cardboard box.
Every photo has a story to tell. There is nothing like holding a photo of your loved one in your hands. Technology is a gift for all humankinds without doubt; this post is a mere remainder to people who is stuck in the rat race and forgotten how it feels to hold a print photo of your loved one.
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