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Project Ninja, a passion turned start-update

Rajeev's passion to start a business and determination to do something new lead to the rise of Project Ninja. Project Ninja is basically an online interface where you can find an easy way to get your college projects printed and bound. Honeycomb took an indepth dive into his entrepreneurial journey. Let's take a look on what he has to say:
  • What ignited the spark in you to start a new Business? How did the idea for your business come about?
I remember when I was in class 7 in school; I was in the basket ball team and we had decided to get new team merchandise done and I took the initiative of getting it done. While doing so I happened to make a good sum of money and even got my T-shirt for free. Even though I did not get a chance to play in any match that year, I was quite happy and proud of how the team merchandise had turned out. Ever since then, the idea of business and making something new seemed very fascinating.
A year ago when I was having tea outside college with a friend of mine who was studying MBA, he had to submit his project over the weekend and he was talking about how to get the project printed and then find a vendor to get it bound as per the college guidelines. And all of this took about two days of waiting in queues and running around at the printing & binding stores. I found it hard to believe that there wasn't any single interface to cut the queues and make the submission easy. The thought of solving the last mile problem stayed in my head for a few months before I started Project Ninja, which is now an Online Printing & Binding store for college projects.
  •    How did you finance your start-up?
Like most people in their mid 20's of my generation, I did not have much of savings from my steady job. I sold my bicycle, my old computer, camera and also borrowed some money from my friends to get the business started.
  •     Tell us more about project Ninja?
Project Ninja is a simple and convenient way to get college projects printed & bound. It's an easy to use online interface that helps students save time by ordering their projects to be printed and bound. Now students can spend time focusing on academics or doing what they love instead of wasting time in queues.
  •     Where you see Project Ninja 5 years from now?
5 years from I see Project Ninja changing the way students do their projects. The current system does not handle the industry demand and hence the project work does not hold much of value once they finish their college. My vision of Project Ninja is more than just Printing & Binding; it will also include how students can work on their projects and reap the benefits of it even in their careers or make a way to find relevant job in their careers. The whole process of doing projects will change in the next few years, and Project Ninja will be the catalyst for that change.
  •     What would you say are the top three skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur?
o   Attention to detail is one the most important skills required to run a start up.
o   One must have strong vision of the future, one should be a dreamer.
o   Must have a strong eye to observe and understand human behavior to create products and services that seamlessly fit into people's lives.
  •     What are the rewards of owning a business as compared to working for someone else?
Owning a business gives the benefit of pushing yourself beyond the ordinary limits and discovering what you are capable of doing. It also gives the freedom to try and implement new and disruptive ideas. And lastly the joy of creation will outweigh everything else.
  •     Do you believe there is some sort of a formula to becoming a successful business owner?
Well I certainly don't know about it at this point. I would love to know if there is one.
  •     What according to you are the top three traits needed to become a successful businessman?
A good set of values, patience and determination should be the top three traits of a successful businessman.
  •     Who has been your greatest inspiration?
Nandan Nelekhani has been one my greatest inspiration. His dedication in enabling technology to build solutions that directly impacts everyone in the country is something that has always inspired me. Reading his book Imaging India, I learnt that you can accomplish anything if you are dedicated and persistent.
  • Finally, to end this brilliant interview, how would you define success, as a message for readers.
In this context, success to me is when you build something that directly impacts the life of a person using it and creates a positive change.
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