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Photography: Redefining Career Options

Photography: Redefining Career Options


Passion has no leaps and bounds, but when the same is taken a level higher, i.e as a career, it changes everything around you giving you the sole purpose to excel. It all starts with that one click which takes it to the heartstrings. This sows a seed of curiosity allowing you to crack your head with the technical aspects in mastering the art of Photography. When we talk about photography, the first thing that comes into our mind is capturing moments at a wedding, people gracing an event, taking movie shots, etc. But that’s not it! Over the years, the demand for photography has outgrown it’s the traditional form allowing people to think beyond what it is as a field. Photography is not merely restricted to the events mentioned above, as it has become the ultimate marketing tool for businesses today. Professional photographers are on high demand on commercial grounds today because of the Digital era. Today it’s all about a click at your own comfort zones and customers are drawn towards visually appealing product photographs. That’s where the need for professional photographers comes into the picture.

5 Different Types Of Career Paths In Photography

Photography in itself is a very vast field that opens doors to different avenues. Are you someone who’s extremely passionate about Photography, if so what’s your niche? Still, confused? Let’s ease that for you by showcasing the different kinds of specializations under the field of photography:

1. Freelancing

Freelancing is a boundless field that allows photographers to experiment and grow. The life of a freelance photographer is quite flexible as they get to be their own boss. They get to taste every different flavor, be it capturing the latest trends in fashion, or news pieces. But before setting your mark in Freelancing photography you’ve got to do a bit of the following:

  • Do Research- Research is extremely important before getting into the field as it teaches you the basic aspects, the do’s and don’ts, and an insight into the art as a whole. In the research journey, one is sure to discover their specialization. 
  • Learn Everything Possible- If you want to find your niche, you’ve got to study everything. Learning bits and pieces from here and there are not going to do you any good as it won’t give you clarity. Studying the art means knowing every bit of it. Only then it will give you a clear picture of what’s good for you. It all starts with a camera and if you’ve got one, then you’re halfway there.
  • You Make A Decision- This is the stage where one decides their specialization. Once that’s done, the real game begins. There are two types of sectors when it comes to photography. One, the corporate sector, two, the freelancing sector. In the corporates sector, it’s more about the official aspect as you report the same to your boss. In Freelancing, you’re your own boss! You can decide on the type of work and you get to earn independently from all kinds of projects. It’s more like working from home. Say, for example, an advertisement pops up wanting a wedding photographer or a Fashion Photographer, this comes into the notice as per your specialization and links you to the source and that’s how the business goes ahead.

2. Scientific Photography

Scientific Photographers are said to capture the most wondrous pictures that are not visible to the naked eye. To bring these minuscule aspects right, they use special imaging techniques like micrography, infrared photography, and Underwater Photography, etc. These techniques help in rendering invaluable information that cannot be captured by a human eye. An article even stated how Rosalind Franklin in 1952 showcased the real structure of intertwined DNA molecules, what we know it as the Double Helix today. It’s not just that, telescopic cameras have the ability to capture the pictures of galaxies which are four billion lightyears away from earth. This shows the kind of wonder the lenses create. The research & development department and universities are some of them that need scientific photographers the most as they’re the ultimate source of facts.

3. Commercial Photography

Didn’t we talk a bit about product photography at the beginning of the blog? Well, now you’ll get a better insight into what product photography, widely known as Commercial Photography is all about. Commercial Photography involves photographing products/services in such a way that it magnifies the features. A Commercial Photographer who’s quite sharp with his/her skills can capture the photograph of a product in such a way that it captivates the audience’s attention. Commercial Photographers take pictures from A to Z like pictures of merchandise, buildings, catalogs, websites, advertisements, and lots more! An aesthetically presented photograph can sell themselves, welcoming new and existing customers, thereby fuelling the organization with good returns. 

4. Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography is said to be the most challenging form of photography because it aims to capture a picture that’s more natural and showcases a person’s personality. A portrait photographer takes a lot of elements into consideration like the location, the background, lighting, etc. Portrait Photographers often give posing tips to their subjects to capture the best shot so that they can share the same with their clients. Portrait photographers are highly on-demand as they capture moments with great finesse, be it a wedding shoot, a birthday, or any event for that matter. Their responsibilities don’t end there, they book appointments, process the pictures, and frame the photos accordingly.

5. Photojournalism

The role of a photojournalist is a lot more crucial as compared to other forms of photography as they capture pictures that have a story to tell and that has a deep meaning to it. A Photojournalist is like a window to new worlds because they capture one of a kind pictures. To be a true photojournalist one should be a skilled and good storyteller because such pictures converse a million emotions. These photographers mainly work for newspapers and they cover events like sports, national news, Literature, politics, and lots more! 

7 Different Ways To Generate Income Through Photography

As we discussed earlier finding your niche is the first step towards a successful photographic career. Knowing a little of everything will not help you find your taste of the genre. A deep understanding of your specialization will not only help you excel in the field but also helps in gaining recognition as an expert the target audience could vouch for thereby strengthening the SEO. Now let’s take a look at the 10 different ways in Photography that are sure shot to bring you good returns.

Sell Your Prints

Selling prints and photo related products is one of the easiest and cost effective ways to earn good returns. A third party seller can do this job for you by giving a commission. Etsy is a good example of selling prints online. The listing only costs you around $0.25.  Photos can be sold for occasions like holiday cards, wedding albums, birthday portraits, or as decor for homes and offices. The demand for portraits is said to be at its peak during the holiday seasons allowing the Photography business to grow. You can even sell your prints to a cafe or a restaurant on a commission where they could use your artwork to add color and freshness to the place.

Conduct Photography Classes

If you’ve clearly mastered the art of photography, you can make good use of this opportunity by imparting your knowledge to aspiring new photographers by charging a decent fee. It all depends upon your ability to teach. If you’re good with the teaching part, then there’s nothing like it. Guide them on how to go about it, walk them through the technical aspects. A good teaching skill paves your way to greater heights. So there you go! You’ve found a way to make a living!

Share Your Masterpieces On Social Media Platforms

When it comes to sharing pictures, the first platform that strikes our mind is Instagram. Instagram is a great platform to sell images. This is a boon for many businesses and blogs especially because pictures captivates and keeps the audience engaged. Sellers add a link on the platform so that the buyers can purchase the photos from a third-party website.

Club Photography

Night Clubs and Gigs welcome photographers with open arms because club photographers capture fun moments in the most artistic way.  Well-established promoters use these photographs for promoting many night-clubs and Gigs by posting them all over the social media platforms thereby enhancing brand image. These promoters pay the photographers for capturing the shots.  Again, art plays it’s magic once again! The best part here is that it doesn’t demand a great experience, all you’ve got to do is to walk into a club with your camera and start capturing. 

Make It To The Galleries

A realistic piece of art is a sight for sore eyes. Selling photos to a gallery can bring good returns. Now when you keep photos on sale in a gallery we should make sure the photos portray pure art, like the nuances of nature, local landmarks or a flavor of the rural society. Photos that showcase the international landmarks and famous landscapes attract a wider audience on the international level but not in a local market. If you want your photos to be featured up on a gallery wall, you’ve got to visit the gallery firstly, and show them your best 10 works. If they’re satisfied with your work, you discuss the pricing,it can be to rent a wall space or a percentage of your profits.

Real Estate Photography

Partnering with Interior Designers is another gateway to a successful photographic career. Before, rendering your services to a real estate agent or an interior designer, you’ve got to take a glance at some of the sample images of properties, know the rates for local photography, etc.  Once that’s sorted, you can set your package that details about the contract and the rates accordingly. The next step is to find your potential clients. Platforms like and Facebook groups can open you doors to some great real estate events.

Sell Photographs On Tourism

A traveller and a camera are match made in real heaven. Travel content is something that’s high on demand today. If you’re an amazing writer, then you can definitely sell your work to magazines and newspapers that cover travel articles and photographs. A picture should not just be about the beauty, but it should tell a story, that’s where the art outshines. The photo should be able to convey an emotion which reflects well in the article as well. These photographs are not just restricted to newspapers and magazines, but have a huge demand from the tourism  sector as well, like airlines and travel companies.


Photography as a career opens doors to all kinds of opportunities. Once you’re aware what’s your niche, then the path ahead is yours. During this journey one gets to grow and learn all the technical & creative aspects, thereby allowing you to put the knowledge into great use. It’s said that 94% of the articles draw in more views as compared to articles without any images. Images mark an impression on the minds of many which makes them take a wise decision. 

Developing Fine Art Prints is an art in itself. Today many businesses offer Fine Art Printing Services, especially in Bangalore, rendering classic and timeless prints with a good amount of versatility. Be it Canvas or Archival.


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