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What is Photo Retouching?

Generally Image Retouching means erase unwanted elements of the image and re-arrange that image with quality and Creative glance. Photo retouching is used as art design for commercial use to build high glossy and attracting creative images for promotions. Image retouching could be done for Promoting Jewellers, fashion and photography. Honeycomb provides the high quality Photo / Image Retouching services with the best resources for the Photoshop jobs. Our skills and state of the art infrastructure like Apple Mac-pros, Quato monitors, Star Proof color management system help us to give the best quality to the clients. We do the following work in Photoshop: ·    Photo Restoration ·    Clipping Path ·    Image clean-up ·    Cutout and channel masking ·    Color correction and retouching ·    Super imposing of images Honeycomb provides the photo Retouching service in both India and Abroad. Here are the samples for Photo Retouching:
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