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What is Photo or Image Restoration?

Honeycomb do photo Restoration for old photos which has been damaged, faded, scratched or tears. Photos can be cleaned, enhanced or Remodel. Spoiled originals photos can be returned to mirror their original shape. And we have the best resources for the Photoshop jobs. Our Skills and state of the art infrastructure like Apple Mac pros, Quato Monitors, Star Proof Color Management system help us to give the best quality to the clients
Our Photo Restoration Services include:
  • Removal of Scratches, Marks, and Creases
  • Color Adjustment for faded images
  • Fill in Missing Pieces
  • Add or Remove objects
  • Back Ground Removal
  • Repair Faded Photographs
  • Removing Age Discoloration
Here are some Photo Restoration samples created by Honeycomb Creative Support (P) Ltd.
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