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Passionately curious Mr Chitti Babu

We met Mr. Chitti Babu, Head- Visual Design, at Titan recently for a job brief. As how we learnt he's a very simple and down to earth person. During the discussion he shared a few words about himself which inspired us to write this post on him. He shares here about how he pursued his passion and honed his curiosity to reach where he is now. Lets hear it in his own words.
"I consider myself as a Designer with evolving passion & pure curiosity. My introduction to this field started as a hobby to play around with the layouts that can be made with typesetting on a letterpress at a very young age. With a strong impulse to follow my passion, I dropped out of college, discontinuing my formal studies and led the path of interest and passion. I was again introduced to Printing as an offset printer for my career path, during which I started with leading the production department of a newspaper company.  This led me to the path of creativity with exposure to its studio; where-in, in next two years I found myself leading the studio and the production department of many renowned newspaper companies. As I was hungry for more dope, it made me jump from the newspaper industry to the Advertising Agency. While working with some world's acclaimed ad agencies, I developed passion for lighting, photography and films. This passion made me explore the film world through photography, cinematography,  & Film Editing as I worked with renowned film producers and directors. Soon after, as the time again came for a big leap, I leapt into a international publishing house to explore the beautiful world on layout and its science. Growing from there as I had various successful stints on different fields of Graphic Design, I realised technology is the Key to future of design and I started taking my steps with the technology. I acquired a great experience in the field of IA/UI/UX  and usability with the successful IT companies and it continues. Currently, I pursue a successful career path. I am heading the in-house Visual Communication Department at the India's largest retail jewelry brand Tanishq for past 10 years. It has been a great experience with a continuous innovative path, leaving a new trail for tanishq in India through my contribution.  But with this.. the passion I have acquired has led me to become a successful photographer, film editor, graphic designer and so on...that is still going on. "I am just passionately curious"
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