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Much Ado about Branding.

Branding is nothing but a process involved in creating a unique name, slogan and picture (Logo) of a product in the minds of people so that they can easily recognize it. Branding is done through various kind of advertisements and campaigns. Branding also highlights the significant difference between different products/services. Branded logo, slogans, and names help the customer to identify their desired/admired products easily. Now let us see the four reasons that tell us the important advantageous aspect of brand building in business.
1) Branding turns the product into a household name:
Branding is necessary to make it familiarize among the people. Many of the products are just recognized by their slogan and logos. We have extensive examples, where people buy products just by having a look at the logo or slogan. Of course, this kind of Branding doesn’t happen overnight, but a steady and constant branding can gain such popularity. Constant advertisement done with the aid of graphic design agencies, help people to memorize the brand through its slogans or logos.
2) Branding creates trust:
We often hear the word ‘Branded’ - the word simply means that the product has already been established or well-known. Without saying, it goes that, a popular branded product has already gained the trust factor among people. Many purchases happen just because of this type of trust factor. Once the brand name is established, people opt to buy them since they consider it as trustworthy. Hence businesses, time and again, lean on the shoulders of marketing communication agencies to design attractive adverts which can up-raise the brand value.
3) Branding helps in sales chart:
Brand directly reflects in the sales chart. A well-built brand automatically sells more than that of a new or less established brand. Hence, businesses spend huge amount of money on advertisements to upraise their brand into new heights. Advertising design agencies play a major role in helping business to build their brand using creative designs of brochures, standee’s, leaflets, e-mailers, Manuals etc.
4) Better recognition:
A noted brand is easily recognized by everyone. As per a survey, when people go to shopping, most often they end up buying a brand that they recognize. Today, all Businesses desire this kind of recognition and take the help of creative design studios to enhance their brand and in turn recognition.
Some of the Popular Indian brands:
Samsung, Colgate, Lux, Amul, Lifebuoy, Horlicks, Pepsodent, Britannia, Reliance, Airtel, Close-up, Clinic Plus, Ponds, LG etc. are some of the popular and well-established brands. 
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