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Make your Bitter Experience the Better One of All


Make your Bitter Experience the Better One of All

  There is always a life-changing moment in everyone's life but it is up to us to see the positive side of it or to be pessimistic about the change.  It was a Thursday evening at work, my manager called me to his cabin with the team lead.  He expressed his concern that he wasn’t really happy about my work. He insisted on doing a review to evaluate how well I am performing. End of it he suggested me to look for another job and I can stay for a month or two till I get another job.  Those days were the most stressful and nerve-racking phase of my life.  I was failing to keep myself motivated to work and I started having doubts about my own ability.  Days passed, after two weeks my manager called for a review meeting with the department heads I have worked with. The conclusion of the meeting was that I will be better off at some other job and they suggested that I either should go back to journalism or pursue something I enjoy doing.  I was asked to leave the job by March-end and I didn't know what else to say to them.  I was battling with my own thoughts the entire time on whether I should plead them to let me keep my job or just chuck everything. But in spite of all the rejections, they opened my eyes that day.
  1. Mr. Noufel, (our company founder whom I had good interactions with at work) said I always had a good potential to learn and I was so confident in myself at the very first place that's why he hired me. 
  2.  Mrs.Vani said I always made sure I completed my work on time and I am committed to my job. 
  3.   Ms.Smitha said I couldn't say no when I am given a task to do. 
  4.  They made me realize I wouldn't find anywhere else this bunch of amazing mentors with years of experience in this area of business.
inspirational-quote-woman-walk-stair-background-with-vintage-filter Then I thought, ain't that a good thing after all? I decided to speak to Mr. Noufel about giving me a second chance so that I can prove myself to be a good asset to the company.  He was very understanding and suggested a few ways to get into client servicing for the Web department or learn to do SEO. I was ready to take up the challenging job with zero knowledge in it.  It would require a lot of training and effort from my side.  But unfortunately, Covid-19 ruined everything for me.  We were asked to work from home from 17th March, 2020 and the first week went smoothly.  But then I was informed that I had to work minimum for 2 years if I am getting into client servicing for the web department and that was the hardest decision to make after all.  I spoke to Mr. Noufel and explained to him my situation pointing out all the consequences I am gonna face if I lose my job during this lockdown.  From the very first day of my interview, I always had that vibe from him like he isn’t bothered about the efforts that you put in to generate income for his company, what mattered to him the most is how much can you learn during your tenure with Honeycomb Honeycomb. Three days later I got a call from Mr. Noufel and he asked me to take care of the Life Shot Photography contest.  It was a do or die for me and I had to come up with the entire plan by the next morning.  Luckily, the team seemed happy about the efforts put in on the whole. 37547 A week later, I joined the marketing team and each of us was asked to handle each business vertical.  I was a bit scared since I had to handle the two most happening verticals.  It definitely was a big-time responsibility and if I mess it up I knew I'll be screwed forever. Even when I was asked will it be OK for you to handle both I said I would try my best.  As a person who believes in time and destiny, I am 101 percent sure that I made the right decision to stay back and face all the hurdles that came in my way.  On 11th November 2020, I successfully completed 1 year at Honeycomb and there is not even a day pass by without single learning. If you are feeling hopeless, here is what I need to say to you.
  • Always try to find positivity in every situation and work hard towards your ultimate goal.
  • Things may not work out in the first place for you but give it time and always trust the process.
  • Have good communication with your colleagues, discuss with them where you are going wrong, and seek help to improve yourself.
man-jumping-impossible-possible-cliff-sunset-background-business-concept-idea My grandfather once said you will never stop learning until your last breath. That's the irony and beauty of life as well, you are 24/7 on a mission to be a better person than today.  So keep learning and thrive to be a better version of yourself!
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