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Karnataka Photographers Association's DIGI IMAGE Exhibition, 2014

An International Exhibition organized by Karnataka Photographers Association, conducted from 18th - 20th of July, 2014 - DIGI IMAGE saw a huge crowd of ardent photograph lovers on the very first day of the second year of the exhibition. This year nearly 150 companies turned up to proudly showcase their products and work. Started off as an association of photographers in the year 1956, Karnataka Photographers Association together catered for the needs of photographers by frequently arranging workshops to help the deprived photographers and videographers, creating a platform to discuss the problems faced by photographers and videographers and many more.
Honeycomb Creative Support (P) Limited company, as a family took part in this prestigious DIGI IMAGE ’14 Exhibition, showcasing photography enthusiasts’ archival printing. Honeycomb, a one stop complete solution provider in Communication design established in the year 2008 has built in an expert team of 60 professionals who is gradually budding along with the growth of the Company. The skilled members of Honeycomb showcased canvas and premium quality photo prints which brings life to the picture in this exhibition. An initiative to make photos a memorable one, Honeycomb works closely on color management system with the aid of state of the art facilities like Apple Mac Pros, Quato Monitors and Star Proof color management system. Valuing customer service, a complete work of image re-touching, color management, image editing and framing to the need of the client is delivered.
Honeycomb is launching exclusive 4-hour basic photoshop training, by a leading photoshop instructor, Mr. B.A Ram Kumar, an Adobe certified expert in Photoshop. To know more about the training and other services like Giclee printing solution, e-commerce kit, web services, image editing, video- production, graphic design services, step into our office - #29, Venkata Reddy Layout, Koramangla or call JJ @ +91 988031192.
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