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Is your Marketing Communication Design Enchanting?

Today, in the global market, we see a variety of marketing communications which are trying to influence buyers by hook or crook. Nevertheless, most of them are failing to bring in the desired results. It is essential to understand the intricacies of marketing communications. An advertisement, which makes a bold announcement, may not do the job at all. Hence, a deeper understanding of customer’s heartbeat, which can simply enchant them is the need of the hour. Let us see the five factors which tell us how to enchant the customers. 
1) Synchronise:
A highly colourful and bold (Screaming!) marketing design will not just attract the customers. There are many factors which account to the attractiveness of a communication design. A light but cool colour theme, a simple but effective layout, and a very layman’s words which talk about the product will do the wondrous job. These three aspects easily synchronize with the common man and hence holds good to all target audience.  Therefore, be it a brochure, standee, Product manual, e-mailer, newsletter, or a flex, it is better to synchronize the marketing communications design to match to the liking of a common man. 
2) Touch the heart:
Advertising design, in essence, should have a story or at least, represent a human emotion which can simply touch the heart of customers. Today in the market, we see so many advertisements which are using this aspect and marketing their products/services successfully. Since humans are very vulnerable to emotions, they like and respond to anything that is usually touchy. 
3) Make it colourful:
Naturally, colour attracts people and hence a very colourful design stays in the mind of the audience for long and subtly, nudges them to respond to the offer. Having said that, as mentioned earlier, it is wise to use a cool colour theme rather than a bold warm theme which might do the job of distraction instead of attraction.
4) Engage:
Engaging customers is one of the important aspects of marketing. Failing to engage the customers is nothing but failing to market products or services. In order to engage customers, successful marketing communication design agencies use contents, images or picture, and a very consistent design which synchronize together. E-mailers, Newsletters, Blog contents are few of the proven methods of communications which can easily engage the target audience.  Many businesses also use toll-free numbers which allow the luxury of calling the business at free of cost.    
5) Apply KISS principle:
Last but not least, it is imperative to apply the KISS principle to enchant the target audience. Keep It Simple Stupid is a very simple principle which explains any concept in very simpler and easily understandable way.  Many times, complex words and design are just ignored as people doesn’t want to spend much time in understanding them.  
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