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Interview with Eminent Photographer H SATISH

Satish H



Your ultimate go-to for everything in professional photography

HIS SERVICES: Industrial assignments | Product shoots | Functions(all kinds) | Hospitality | Residential and Commercial photography | Special assignments with 100% professionalism assured!

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Question 1): Would you tell us more about you and your interest in Photography?

After my Diploma in cinematography, I mostly involved myself with photography due to my childhood passion. Throughout my career spanning over 35 years, I’ve been a freelance professional mainly working with clients in the commercial and advertising sector. Most of my clients in the private sector have been top MNCs that you’ve come across on a daily basis. Government bodies too, like the BHEL, BEML, Indian Coffee Board, NALCO and many others have relied upon me for their imaging solutions.

On the other hand, my primary interests in the ‘art of photography’ have been primarily landscapes, pictorial and wildlife which I’ve mainly specialized in. I like to travel a lot since my profession demands it. Hence, I’ve now also begun covering travel and people etc.

Question 2): Can you please tell us about the types of Photography you indulge with?

As I said, I’m primarily a commercial and advertising photographer. It includes an assorted set of services like celebrations, candids, consumables(food), hospitality and interiors, large scale and commercial spaces, product shoots, special assignments, and weddings. But I do frequently move out of the city in search of wildlife and landscapes. If you don’t find me in Bengaluru, I’ll be either camping in the Himalayas or searching for wildlife in some national parks in the Northern part of the county.

Question 3): What is the inspiration that keeps you going?

The art of photography, to do something creative, and by looking at others images, which prompts me to make me to try something new. Everyday I get inspired.

Question 4): How do you feel when your work is exhibited and viewed by tons of people?

Well, it's a celebration of my works, which is appreciated by tons of artists and well wishers. it is their encouragement, which keeps me going. I honor their criticism as well as their appreciation. it gives me more energy and feel enlighted , when they use all adjectives.

Question 5): Can you tell us something about Photography and its inception?

Well, it is an International language, which has no boundaries, understood by all. It is an art form, which gives satisfaction to millions, irrespective of their cast and work they do. It is totally a stress buster to those who are workaholics. in fact, we wait for some reasons to pick our camera and go out into nature.

Question 6): To you, what is Photography?

It is a passion, a religion, a dream, and it is my life. Photography isn’t just about clicking pictures or winning awards. It is a continuous learning process that can throw open various ideas from just a single book in a store. It’s about enjoying the thought process that goes into making a ‘great picture’.

Question 7): Please share us some of your achievements in Photography Profession?

I’ve been honored by some of the world’s best photo organizations in this world.


The FIAP (Federation De’l Art Photographique) from Belgium conferred the Master of FIAP (MFIAP), currently the most senior recognition issued to an individual.


the Youth Photographic Society (YPS) Bengaluru recognized my personal achievements and contributions to YPS with the ‘Honorary Membership’ to the club.


The Image Colleague Society(ICS) from California conferred the Honorary Fellowship in recognition of my personal achievements and contributions to the field of art photography.


I was conferred with the MICS(Master of the Image Colleague Society).


I was awarded the ‘Lalitha Kala Academy award’ for photography alongside recognizing me as a ‘State Artist’.

I’ve also won the Lalitha Kala Academy Award in the state of Uttar Pradesh and Delhi.
Apart from these, there are about countless medals, and certificates from various international salons worldwide.

Question 8): Can you tell us about the general response you receive in exhibitions?

Not as expected. not many people like to visit exhibitions. response will be poor most of the times. And it depends on the exhibition venue also. People are no more interested to see and appreciate ART in exhibitions.

Question 9): How do you feel about your association with Honeycomb creative support?

Honeycomb is a very creative digital media firm than any others I’ve come across so far. The way they approach anything related to print media always amazes me. Due to my pleasing experience with them, I’ve recommended a dozen people to have their print and digital media requirements covered by Honeycomb and their response has always been highly positive.

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