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Importance of Featured Snippets in Digital Marketing,2020

What are Featured Snippets?

A featured snippet is a concise summary taking the topmost position on the search result page of Google when you are searching using a phrase or a question. This snippet shows well above the organic search results and below the Ad box. They are well known as answer boxes as they immediately answer the users' questions presented in four common formats. Featured snippets play an important role in digital marketing sector these days leading to more brand visibility. 4 Types of Featured Snippets:
  • Text Featured Snippets
  • Video Featured Snippets
  • List Featured Snippets
  • Table Featured Snippets

Example of a Featured Snippets

When you search for “Types of Brochures”, the result appears within a box with well presented additional information along with relevant images of brochures. This helps the user to learn about what the link has to offer. There are four major types of featured snippets appearing on the Google search result page, the text featured snippet, the video featured snippet, the list featured snippet, table featured snippet.

What are Text Featured Snippets?

They are snippets that provide answers to the questions in the text-based format as a paragraph and sometimes along with the presence of an image. Example of a text featured snippet where the question is“why does the star shine?” and the answer is presented in a textual format with an image displayed on the right side. This paragraph is directly linked to the website displayed below.

What are Video Featured Snippets?

Other than text featured snippets there are also Video featured snippets that appear on the search result when we ask a question. If Google thinks this would be the right way to answer the question then Video featured snippets replace the text featured snippets of that question. Example of a video featured snippet where the question is “how to design a logo in photoshop?” and Google’s right answer is a video because one would be able to learn to design a logo better by watching a video rather than reading it as a text.

What are List Featured Snippets?

The list snippet is the third type of snippet which usually presents itself in two types one as a numbered list and other as the bulleted list in response to a query. Example of Numbered list featured snippets, 10 ways to save water was the query and Google presented an answer in the form of a numbered list making it convenient for the user to look up to the answer in the link below. Example of Bulleted list featured snippets, ‘Fruits that boost immune system’ was the query and Google presented an answer in the form of a bulleted list making it convenient for the user to look up the answer in the link above.

What are Table Featured Snippets?

As the name suggests the table featured snippets answer the query in a table format depicting the data points. Example of Table featured snippet, ‘Price list of iPhone’ was the query, for some searches Google may decide that knowledge transfer is better in the form of a table taking the data from the link it structures into a table.

How A Featured Snippet helps your business grow?

This featured snippet way of receiving answers to one's query is now the most preferred by the users. The click-through rate of the featured snippets serves good proof. Here are the top 5 benefits your business can savor on using the featured snippet wisely.

1. To increase website traffic

Featured snippets provide quick answers reducing the hassle of clicking into each link and scouting for the right answer. Snippets increase the click-through rate of the link which in turn improves your website traffic. Following the featured snippet way will show you the difference between the spike in the number of visits to your website.

2. High Rate of Conversions

That one thing every business earns for is to achieve conversion as per target. A featured snippet is one of the many potential ways to increase organic conversions. If you can answer your prospect's queries that have a great influence on their decision making which has a vivid result on the conversion.

3. Brand Awareness Enhancement

Unique and well-presented content is any day appreciated by Google by highlighting you on top of the search. Once Google chooses to feature your unique content on the organic search result as a featured snippet. You will notice a tremendous amount of incoming traffic which in turn boosts your brand awareness.

4. Better Website Authority

Google takes a few factors into account when it comes to giving a good website authority score.
  • Click-through rate
  • Number of website visits
  • Time spent on the website
  • Backlinks of the website
You can enhance the following factors using featured snippets.

5. Increase in Keyword Ranking

The entire process of using featured snippets has interlinked benefits. An increase in website authority automatically triggers the improvement of the keyword ranking, as a result of your business visibility significantly improves. Website Authority<->Keyword Ranking<->Business Visibility These are the benefits of featured snippets that help your businesses to grow through digital marketing in the year 2020. We all want our customers to find us, so let us just carve an easy path for them to get to us. Give the prospects what they need for Google to give you what you need.
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