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Importance of Digital Marketing in 21st Century

Technology is evolving every day. You wake up tomorrow and you will find another tech innovation or improvisation. From Newspapers to News Apps, Television to YouTube, Letters to Mails, Availability of Payment Gateway Options, and the list is endless. Such innovations have changed the way people live their daily lives. Especially, Smart phones have become one of the most important aspects of one's lifestyle. The 4Ps of Marketing, namely Product, Price, Place, and Promotion is losing its meaning day by day. Even Philip Kotler has come up with Marketing 4.0. digital-marketing

What is Digital Marketing?

Fundamentally, Digital Marketing is the marketing of products and services on Internet platforms including Mobile Phones, Display Advertisements and more using Digital Technologies. Following is the list of Common digital marketing services:
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Email Marketing
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertisement
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • App Store optimisation
  • Website Design and Development
Obviously, these services have further divided parts as you dig deep into them. For example, Search Engine Optimization comprises of On-Page SEO Activities and Off-Page SEO Activities. Pay-Per-Click Advertisements can be done in different ways, like Re-marketing and Display Banner Ads, and on different platforms like YouTube and Websites. Similarly, Social Media Marketing covers many Social Networking Sites which are built on different algorithms, like Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, just to name a few. Digital-Marketing

Why Choose Digital Marketing Over Traditional Marketing?

The continuous evolution of technologies has totally changed the way your target market lives their daily lives. Hence, by choosing to market your business on Internet Platforms, you are much more likely to be in front of your audience than marketing via Traditional Approach. There are about 1.23 Billion active users on Facebook, 600 Million Accounts on Instagram, 974 Million Accounts on Twitter. There are about 40,000 Search Queries on Google Search Engine every second. These stats only continue to grow and it shows the growth potential of your Business. Digital Marketing won’t just help you in acquiring and retaining customers, it will also save you a lot of expenditure which you may incur while advertising via Newspapers, Television Commercials, Hoardings, etc. That's why so many Businesses are choosing Digital Marketing Company to outsource the marketing needs of their business to experts who are experienced in the field. Courtesy:
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