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How to overcome Covid-19 challenge with effective Content Marketing

How to overcome Covid-19 challenge with effective Content Marketing

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The world is alarmed because of the outbreak of pandemic COVID - 19 and we are going through a tough situation where the businesses are struggling to survive in their market every day. Digital marketing has picked up its pace since Covid-19 lockdown, for example, you can now place your order for purchasing groceries online, even the biggest struggle of going to the saloon is solved as each and everything is available at your fingertips. Therefore it is necessary for a business to understand the significance of good content for their marketing purposes to improve their sales.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing strategy is an inbound marketing tool that helps in building brand awareness for your products and services among the target audience through the generation of valuable and relevant content. More the content more will be the publicity created for the brand. According to  DemandGen’s 2015 content marketing survey report, 75% of B2B customers rely on the content as a research medium when they’re planning to buy a product. 

How does content marketing help enhance your business?

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  • Good content will help in educating and creating awareness about your product & services among your target audience
  • The attention span of the target audience will be more for interesting and eye-catching content, therefore, the traffic to your website will also increase
  • It helps in the conversion of leads to valuable customers
  • Using the right keywords in your content will increase your SEO ranking

A well experienced or trained writer generates the right content for a business after doing an in- depth study about the services provided by the brand. The main agenda of the writer should be identifying the pain points of their prospects and doing a SWOT analysis of the existing competitors. Amidst the pandemic, the writer has to be more empathetic and yet tactful towards the customers.

What are the different types of content marketing?

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  • Blog:-  A blog is the easiest and cost effective way to deliver information about your business to your audience. A blog is an online journal where people can express their views, opinions and feedback about the products and services by keeping in mind the needs and wants of their audience. With the influence of digital marketing, a blog with good content will stimulate your engagement and will help in positioning your brand in the market.  The usage of the keywords that are used by the prospects or customers to research about the product or services in the blog will help in improving your search engine rankings. A good blog will generate more leads for your business and helps in converting them into customers. Content marketing strategies
  • Video content:- A visual content is an effective and efficient way of marketing your company in a very short span of time by evoking the emotions of the target audience. The attention span of the people to read textual content is lesser compared to visual content. Youtube has over 1 billion users which are almost one-third of the internet users. Video marketing can be used on the website, landing pages, blogs, webinars, or the product explanatory videos. Visually appealing content is more likely to be re-shared among the various social media platforms and thus it will increase more traffic to your website. Using an interesting video in your emails will have more click rates and creates awareness about your business. The professionalism of the company is revealed through your videos and it creates an online presence for your company. It helps in an excellent return on ROI. People can even shoot the videos on their phones. All that matters is the good content that is short and crisp to attract the viewers.
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  • SEO content:-  SEO without content marketing is like a kite without a string. Relevant keywords are used in the content marketing of a company to increase their rankings by the SERPs, using the right keywords in the title or body of the content will help them to acquire the top position in the search results thus it drives more traffic to the website. Quality of the content is important in SEO because the content has to be creative, well organized, and should contain the solutions for the customer’s pain points. Connecting your site’s link in the content will boost traffic to your business and helps in the conversion of leads to customers.

If you are looking for help there are plenty of marketing agencies available across the nation and we are one of the top content marketing companies in Bangalore who provides solutions for all the marketing needs for the customers.

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