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How to Fix the Website Blunders That Are Costing You leads?

While the saying goes that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, the hard reality is that most of the time people do. This is especially true when it comes to your website. While every business wants to have a well-designed website that puts them in the best light, it needs to hit on all the right marks: be responsive, look good, and accurately reflect their overall branding message. In fact, these aspects are all essential in today’s digital world.
So is your website putting your business in the best light? Does it do a good job of capturing leads and generating sales? A good website for a B2B company does this and more, it:
·         Acts as a source for new prospects and leads, and moves them through the sales funnel
·         Sets you up as the go-to resource in your industry
·         Increases your credibility with your audience
If your website fails to hit the marks the above, then you’re in trouble. Let’s look at three of the biggest website mistakes that are costing you leads and how you can fix them:

1. Your website takes too long to load

Just check out any of the stats on the subject and you’ll find out that web visitors have extremely short attention spans. Sites that take too long to load can lose up to 40% of visitors within the first 10 seconds, whether they’re moving on to another page on your site or another site altogether. The point is, the slower your site is to load, the higher your abandonment and bounce rates are going to be.
Consider the following tips for optimizing your website and keeping visitors on it for longer:
·         Reduce the size of images, eliminate unnecessary web pages, plugins, etc. that slow down your website. For instance, if you’re using WordPress on your website, check to see whether you really need all the plugins you have installed.
·         Use a content delivery network (CDN) to serve your website up faster. A CDN uses a network of servers in different data centers to host and deliver your website. Different parts of your site are housed on different servers, taking advantage of the high-availability and high-performance of each center to serve each portion of your site faster and more efficiently.

2. Your website doesn’t look trustworthy

I’m not just talking about web design here, but rather, social proof. How do you show that visitors that they can trust your business? Your website should have at least some of the the following indicators of social proof:
·         Social share counts on blog posts and landing pages
·         Registration counts for webinars
·         Anti-spam and/or privacy statement to inform visitors of how you’ll treat their information
·         Testimonials from happy clients
·         Media and/or news mentions from other publications or media outlets
·         Security badges if you’re asking for sensitive information like credit card information
Any and all of these counts towards your social proof status, help validate your site as trustworthy, and should be shown at every opportunity.

3. Your lead capture process is broken or non-existent

If your site gets a lot of traffic but is not generating many leads, your lead capture process isn’t working as it should. At the basic level, your lead capture process should include a sign-up form, compelling calls-to-action (CTAs), and a relevant reward for signing up. Plant your forms throughout your website so visitors don’t always enter on the home page.
These basics are a good way to start your lead capture process if you don’t have one, but if you do, there are always ways you can take it up a notch. Get higher-quality leads by testing your gated content and seeing how it does. This information will help you see which content works best for each type of situation so you can produce more (or less) of the right one. It’s all about give-to-get, so give them content that’s a fair trade to what you’re getting from them. 
Courtesy: Marketo Blog
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