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How Digital Marketing is Beneficial to FMCG?

Industry reports reveal that online consumers spend twice as much as offline consumers on FMCG companies. FMCG consumption will be influenced digitally by 65%. 

Make the right decision by investing in FMCG. 

When I think about FMCG marketing, the only things that pop up in my head is the standard 4p’s- product, price, place, and promotion. Back then, we would have never imagined that online shopping would take over FMCG sectors. Maybe it was the outbreak of pandemic or the rapid progress of online marketing and technology, it's not an easy prediction because digital marketing is everywhere today; it is on your phone, on your computers, and nearly every screen you see, eventually it will have a significant impact on the rise of online shopping.    

Why is digital marketing beneficial to FMCG? 

Well, many FMCG companies don’t feel the need to be digitally updated because the point of purchase or other traditional marketing tactics is still working well for them. However, brands need to be prepared because the growth of online grocery shopping is slow but it is happening. 

Incorporating the right set of digital marketing strategies can have multiple benefits

  • Personalize the message: When creating a buyer persona, the main topics covered are demographic and behavioural segments. Despite the fact that geographical segmentation is examined, for years, both traditional and digital marketing mediums are yet to tap into the potential and opportunities it can provide. Recently, youtube released a report stating that ads in six regional languages were the most watched commercials on youtube. They were streaming in languages like Tamil, Malayalam, Bengali, Marathi, Kannada, and Telugu, this unfolds a great opportunity for the advertisers. 

The growth of consuming content online in regional languages is booming. As a FMCG brand, you will have your audience scattered all around the country, make sure to promote your ads in their respective regional languages. 


  • Automated Email-Marketing: Gone are the days where email campaigns would pour in with no follow up after that. Many companies across the globe are seeing a 20% rise in their sales after implementing automated email campaigns.  

Consumers come on a website for online grocery shopping and may often leave the website without even making the purchase. In such cases, companies can always track their activities and send personalized emails with a good CTA. Additionally, companies can build a strong CRM database that will be good assistance in the future. 

The following is an example of how an automated email campaign works.


  • Strong Online Presence: The power of reflecting your brands on all digital platforms is dynamic and influential. For this, the company has to be consistent in posting content and ensure only relevant content is posted on the right platforms. For example, LinkedIn is the appropriate platform for blogs while funny content would perform better on Instagram and Facebook. 

Strong online presence not only aids in building brand equity but also improves your company’s credibility. As competition in FMCG is rapidly increasing, it is important to ensure your product is marketed aptly. 

  • Influencer Marketing: Influencer Marketing is making headway in FMCG sectors. The leading brands such as PepsiCo, HUL, Nestle are tremendously making use of it.

People tend to trust your brand more and you can target a wide section of audiences through influencer marketing. User generated content and influencer marketing are simple tactics, but the outcome will result in a high sales figure.

Furthermore, always go for a well reputed influencer to have a positive brand image in the market. 

Last but not the least, implementing content marketing and social media marketing together will yield quantitative results for your business. But for any of it to happen, make sure your company is up to date with the latest trends and be consistent in leveraging every digital marketing platform that works for you. 

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