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Healthy Choices For Your Heart In Pandemic

Ever since the pandemic erupted, all we get to hear is health issues.

People stopped stepping outdoors in the fear that they would be targets to the novel coronavirus.

But you can definitely take precautions to beat the virus! By wearing masks, sanitizing your hands whenever you step outdoors or when you touch surfaces, hitting the shower once you’re back so that you’re clean.

But it’s not just the outer surface of your body that needs to be kept clean, the inner matters the most.


Your lungs, your heart are vital organs and people with heart diseases  are more prone to be affected during this time. 

You need to keep them healthy and clean too during this period.


  1. Regular exercises 

Stepping out is a challenge but if you have your masks & gloves on, you’re good to go! There are a number of ways you can restore your heart health and exercises are one of them I would swear for. Our life has always been in front of the screen be it laptops, TV, mobiles, etc. That’s a lot to take. Our body needs some kind of physical activity everyday at least for 45 mins. Since it’s the season of work from home, you can take a break:

  •  walk around in your room, 
  • do some Aerobics. Aerobics are great for the heart.
  •  Take a walk outside or do some cycling (Don't forget your masks and gloves!).

 These physical activities keep your heart, mind and body healthy.

  1. Telemedicine

Visiting hospitals is definitely a big NO-NO! But thanks to technology, as today hospitals have adopted  telemedicines for the betterment of patients & doctors. Telemedicine is on the rise and is highly effective preventing the spread of the virus. Patients with heart diseases and diabetes can follow their treatment plan given by their doctors  now sitting in their comfort zones without stepping into hospitals/clinics.

  • Patients can communicate with the doctors over video calls
  • Better follow up with the medicines to be taken
  • Your treatments can be done right
  • Low cost

By doing so patients get intense care at home, reducing the contact with the virus.

  1. Healthy Food

A junky lifestyle is an unhealthy lifestyle. Going overboard on junk food like burgers, fries, pizzas..NAME THEM! Your heart’s not going to stay healthy in the long run. It’s high time we all switch to a menu that’s healthy. Especially with coronavirus spreading all over, it has been very critical to take care of our hearts. During this time, patients with heart diseases are at high risk and it’s extremely vital for them to have a proper food intake for a healthier heart. Your healthy diet should contain

  • Omega 3
  • Fibre
  • Limited sodium
  • Vegetables & Fruits that are rich in antioxidants
  • Keep an eye on carbs/sugar/starch
  1. Stay Clean

If you’re safe on the outside, then you’re safe on the inside. Yes! You need to maintain cleanliness to prevent diseases, especially to stay away from a life-threatening disease like the novel coronavirus. Adopt healthy practises like:

  • Wash your hands regularly after touching surfaces
  • Take a good bath after journeys
  • Wear masks and gloves 
  • Stay indoors 
  • Use sanitizers 

By taking these precautions, there are lower chances of you getting infected and you stay safe.

So let’s make a toast for our hearts today, take a healthier route for a happier tomorrow.


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