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Google is going to bring down websites from its search results. Why?

Top Web Design Company in Bangalore believes that your website is going to be removed from Google search results. No, you won't get notified of this (unless you're a pretty large website). And you can't appeal the decision. There's something new in the SEO world. Google is going to downrank websites from its search results. We've seen black hat SEO improve, but this information is for clean, technical SEOs. According to Google, these sites will be brought down because they violate their website quality guidelines. The guideline in question? Improperly using an excessive amount of keywords on your page and compromised quality. Let’s dig deep and know why this is happening?


1. Your site is not mobile-friendly.


Google will start dropping websites from its search results if the site is not mobile-friendly. Google has already started testing this feature, which can be seen in many countries, such as India, Japan, and Australia.


The new algorithm change will affect all websites not optimized for mobile devices. The search giant will remove them from search results on desktop computers. The new algorithm update will make it difficult for users to access these websites from mobile devices.


2. Your site has intrusive pop-up ads.


Google is going to start penalizing sites with intrusive pop-up ads. This means that if your site has pop-up ads, Google will no longer consider it a high-quality site. This can negatively impact your website's ranking in the search results.


The reason for this change is simple: Google wants its users to have a great experience using the search engine, and intrusive pop-ups are annoying for users and decrease their trust in the brand. For example, let's say that you're searching for a new laptop and find an article about one on your favorite website. You click through and then get interrupted by an irrelevant ad that takes over the page and blocks out any content—that's not a great user experience!

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3. You haven't made your content easy to read or navigate.


It's time to stop making content so hard to read and navigate.


Google has recently announced that it will be filtering out websites from its search results if they contain "dense blocks of text." This is a major change from how Google has treated websites in the past, and it will impact your business in a big way.

What does this mean for you? Well, if your website isn't easy to read and navigate,


Google may decide that it doesn't want your site appearing on its search results anymore.


In other words, if you don't make your content as easy to read and navigate as possible, Google might not show it at all. If you're interested in staying in front of your customers' eyes with the help of Google's powerful search engine, you need to ensure your website is optimized for reading and navigation.


4. Your site isn't secure.


Google has announced that it will remove sites from the search results if they are not secure. This is in response to the recent security breach on Facebook caused by a vulnerability in the site's code. The vulnerability allowed hackers to access user data, including private messages and friends lists.


Google is taking this issue seriously because it wants users to feel safe using its services. They also want people to trust them with their personal information, which is why Google has decided that removing sites from the search results is important if they are not secure.


According to the top SEO Company in Bangalore, if your site does not have an SSL certificate installed, then you should immediately take action and install one. You can install an SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt or Comodo PositiveSSL Wildcard Certificate.

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5. Your pages have too many ads above the fold.


It's time to stop the madness.


The search giant will start penalizing websites with ads above the fold. What does that mean? It means they will rank your website lower in results if you have a bunch of ads on your homepage that are noticeable without scrolling.


"But I want my site to look good!" you say. "And people should notice me!" We totally understand. Nevertheless, there are right and wrong ways to go about it.

Section: Google is reportedly planning to bring down websites from its search results

Google is reportedly planning to remove websites from its search results if they're found to have a "high-level of deceptive content."


The company announced the change in an update to its webmaster guidelines, which said it would be "taking a tougher stance on sites that deliver low-quality content."

Google will look at how much original content is on a site and whether it provides useful information to users or just tries to trick them into clicking on ads. If a site fails those tests, Google will rank it lower in its search results and potentially remove it entirely.


6. Websites that support piracy or illegal use of copyrighted content.


The internet giant has announced that it will be expanding its efforts to fight online piracy by removing sites from search results that are known to host pirated material. It's an effort to cut down on the amount of content on the web that infringes on copyright laws, and it's expected to significantly impact how people find certain types of content online.


The announcement came as part of an announcement about new features being added to Google's Chrome browser. The updated version will include a new feature called "Chrome Cleanup," which lets users see if their computer has any adware or malware installed. It also allows them to remove these programs and other unwanted software like toolbars and extensions if installed.


The Chrome Cleanup tool will also let users see if any sites in their history may violate copyright laws by hosting pirated content. If it finds any sites like this, it will provide links for reporting those sites directly to Google so that they can be removed from search results altogether (and therefore inaccessible).


Google says it will work with other companies in fighting online piracy and partnering with law enforcement to help them find and prosecute those who are responsible.

7. Google loves to rank useful pages.


Google loves to rank useful pages. We all know that. But what does Google consider useful?


It depends on how you define "useful." If you're a page about the most popular dog breeds in America, for example, then you want to be ranked high on Google—and so do we, because we're providing a list of all the dog breeds below!


But if you're a page about how to get rid of fleas on dogs (and we've got one of those below), then you probably don't want to be ranked high on Google—because the more people who have fleas on their dogs, the more people there are looking for ways to get rid of them! And if they cannot find your information on flea treatment because it's buried at the bottom of search results, they might just give up and go back to scratch!


Conclusion: Keep on top of these things to stay relevant in Google.


Google is changing how it ranks your site based on how fast its pages load. The faster the site, the higher the rankings (closer to the front of the search results). So, increase your SERP (search engine results page) rank by optimizing your web pages for faster loading times.


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