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Genres of Photography: Redefine your Career

      Genres of Photography: Redefine your Career

What is my style of photography? This is one of the most challenging questions asked by many aspiring photographers to themselves.  Choosing the right field as a beginner is tricky because one goes through trial and error while experimenting in different fields. There are various objects with a different perspective in our surroundings to capture; with innumerable options, photography always has something for those who practice it with discipline. To discover your style, you need to have a thorough knowledge of all types of photography. Be it you want to discover your field or want to broaden your portfolio, photography is exciting and fun to learn. Today we have listed down the top 10 types of photography, for you to discover your favorite genre. 
  1. Vacation Photography: Vacation photography is a new trend that is booming for social media influencers and travel bloggers. Vacation photography is mainly for travelers who love to explore new places. Most of the top high paid influencers hire a vacation photographer to take articulate images to blog on social media and different channels. If traveling is your passion then vacation photography is the best niche to take up. Vacation photography provides monetary benefits through affiliate marketing and helps in building a good network.
  1. Indoor photography: Indoor photography can be defined as, “where images are captured indoor space, be it a portrait photography or other forms of photography.” Hobbyists like painters, food bloggers, indoor gardeners use indoor photography, more often. Indoor photography needs proper lighting and a good interior to make it look attractive and enticing. You don’t need an expensive camera, to begin with, a normal DSLR would do. Indoor photography mainly deals with how creative one can get with the surroundings.
  1. Shadow photography: When it comes to photography, many think it is all about good lighting and colors, as much as lighting is important to consider, darkness plays an equally important role. Shadow photography describes the darkest part of an image. It can either be adding or removing darkness completely to show emotion or depth of the image captured. Shadow photography is capturing the shadow details which usually renders in a black tone. The essential factor to consider in shadow photography is to highlight the details of the image such that it gives a well-exposed look.
  1. New-born photography: Newborn photography is a distinct field in portraiture. It complements portrait photography, but here, the subject is less than two weeks old. It is all about capturing the beautiful moments before the child grows up. Newborn photography has great growth in the coming days as social media is becoming the center of sharing every special moment in life. For a beginner, it is easy to start off with as you only need a good professional DSLR.  Building a good portfolio can give a competitive edge in the market and gain a good number of clients.
  1.  Candid Photography: Candid photography is comparatively different from other types of photography. It is not about capturing the subject who is already posing, which is pre-planned in a proper direction. It is completely unplanned and the subject is not posing towards the photographer. Candid photography is capturing genuine and authentic moments.
The basics of candid photography can be utilized in photojournalistic photography as well. The image captured by candid photographers depicts life and emotions, and it is increasingly becoming famous in weddings and newborn photography  as well.    
  1. Street Photography: Street photography is about capturing the daily life of people in public places where the subject in the image is not aware of it . It is more like clicking candid shots of people in public areas without a pre planned schedule, that is why it is also called Candid photography. The main purpose of street photography is to capture realistic and practical images that are said to be more authentic. It gives the photographer a sense of freedom to bring the flow of moments to stillness. You need to follow certain ethical rules before capturing images of people, some may not like being captured without prior permission. 
  1. Time-lapse Photography: Time-lapse photography can be defined as, “capturing the moments which happen on an outstretched period of time.” The steps of time-lapse photography involve recording at regular intervals and then the series of images are combined into a small video clip. For example, wildlife photography or macro photography uses time-lapse photography to capture all the minute details then form a video clip like a flower blooming or the movements of an animal. You don’t need an expensive camera to start with, all you need is a good camera and a tripod. If you don’t have a regular camera, then use your smartphone.
  1. Pet photography: If you are an animal lover, then pet photography is the right one  for you. It is fun and one can earn good profits in this particular niche. Pet photography is capturing images of animals in a portrait. 
What is surprising is that pet photography is in great demand for family portraiture. This one such field where with good technical knowledge and love for animals you will enjoy your work with great fun. 


  1.  Abstract Photography: Abstract photography is hard to define as it is not subjective but instead it is about capturing images that are beyond realistic perception. It is elusive. Now let us break this down for better understanding, what is abstract? It refers to art that is not concerned with the literal depiction of things from the visible world. So, basically, the abstract photographer captures the idea but not focusing on the subject. It allows the viewer to have multiple perceptions of the captured image. There are no particular rules to be followed instead it gives complete freedom which is beneficial for mastering this particular area. 
  1.   Composite Photography:  Composite photography is combining several photography images into a final image. It takes a good amount of time to get the final outcome as it requires capturing a proper image and doing good photoshop editing. To start with composite photography, one should have technical skills, photoshop skills, and highly creative imagination as the final outcome is a mixture of them.  Composite photography does take time and effort to master because it is a bit different from traditional types of photography. It has a great market in the advertising field and helps you make a good fortune out of it.
Ref: The list doesn’t stop here, photography has many specializations, for more information, read our blog on Genres of Photography- Part 1 & Part 2. It will give an idea of different styles of photography and help you discover your path which may turn into a rewarding career. For having a successful career in photography or if you are planning to be  an established freelancer, it is important to find the right clients within your industry.
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