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Five Tips to Improve Your Fine Art Printing

Hands-On Fine Art Printing Tips

Fine art prints are very high-quality photos printed using archival quality inks on acid-free fine art paper. These fine art prints or archival prints are highly durable and will last up to 50+ years and come with a beautiful finish. You can make your cherishable memories timeless by getting fine art prints for your family photographs, wildlife, nature, travel photographs and so on. Fine art Print Five tips to get the best fine art prints:
  • While preparing the digital copy for fine art printing give due consideration to focus, minimal noise, depth of field, flawless surfaces, smooth gradation, shadow and highlight details and other intricate aspects for enhancing the prints.
  • Proof before you print the fine art photos as these last minute touch ups like sharpening the substrate and its size, viewing light temperature, adjusting the scale, restoring deep shadow detail and others will make your prints stand apart from other fine art prints.
  • Use the best ink set for printing which gives saturated colors, neutral neutrals, good grey balance and rich blacks. The best ink sets give metamerism and reduced gloss differential. They are water resistant, lightfast, permanent and fast drying.
  • Choose a scale corresponding to your images and do not set large sizes for small images and vice versa. Adjust the scale of printing so that the vivid details of the fine art print are enhanced in the final print.
  • Select a substrate or fine art paper that brings out the finer details of your image in the final print. You can also go for wood, metal, plastic or any other suitable material that may serve your need. But the main thing is to adjust the substrate to get the best quality fine art print.
You can get the best archival prints by visiting and setting up your preferences. We will deliver your archival prints to your doorstep. Photostop adds a touch of technology and gives life to your creative work.
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