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An Exclusive Interview With Wildlife And Nature Photographer Anantha Murthy

Anantha Murthy

Anantha Murthy

Wildlife & Nature Photographer

1) Would you tell us more about you and your interest in Photography?

I am an Insurance professional, in marketing for more than thirty years.Working with LIC of India in Bangalore, spent most of my life in Bangalore itself.I developed an interest in photography quite late in life after I turned 50 years!, as I was bored with doing the same thing in life, like going to the office, selling life insurance, reaching targets etc.I was lucky to find the right kind of people who inspired me to take up photography in 2012. Started with a basic camera and lens, to begin with, and graduated to professional grade equipment. ELEPHANTS-AMBOSILI-5

2) Can you please tell us about the types of Photography you indulge with?

Basically, I started into bird photography, but now I do wildlife and landscapes too. BATELEUR-EAGLE-4

 3) What is the inspiration that keeps you going?

Just being in forest and nature gives me immense satisfaction, peace of mind. When I see beautiful birds and when I capture it in my camera I feel elated and that inspires me to go back to forest again and again. SARUS-CRANES-2

 4) How do you feel when your work is exhibited and viewed by tons of people?

Feel very happy when my work is appreciated at the exhibitions, and when I can inspire some other people to enjoy the nature the way it is and preserve it for the future generations to come. BAOBAB-TREE.jpg-2

 5) To you, what is Photography?

Photography is a passion to me. CHEETAHS

 6) Please share us some of your achievements in Photography Profession?

I have not participated in any photography competitions so far. Some of my bird images have been published in BNHS, Birds of India and other books and magazines. AFRICAN-FISH-EAGLE-1C

7) Can you tell us about the general response you receive in exhibitions?

It’s really very good, feel very happy with all the appreciations and many ask for tips about photography and equipment. PATTADAKAL

8) How do you feel about your association with Honeycomb creative support?

It’s really very convenient and one stop shop for all needs of photographers. Very professionally managed and friendly organization. Am very happy to be associated to be with Honeycomb. LION

 9) Can you share us your future plans and dreams?

My dream is to visit North and South America! Would love to photograph Bald Eagle and BrownBears in USA, and Hummingbirds of Costa Rica. Hope I will be able to realize before I hang my boots.   [huge_it_slider id="5 "]
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