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An Exclusive Interview With Philosophical Nature Photographer Ganesh H Shankar


Ganesh H Shankar

Engineer by Profession & Photographer by Passion

1) Would you tell us more about you and your interest in Photography?

As of now I am an engineer by profession. Photography is my deep passion. Today, I do photography for myself, to quench my emotional and philosophical hunger.

2) Can you please tell us about the types of Photography you indulge with?

I started with the so called ‘Nature photography’, in the sense that photography of subjects in nature - birds/animals/landscapes/insects etc. I then moved on to the fine art and creative nature photography. However, the scope of the word ‘Nature’ got evolved to a large extent over the years in my photographic attempts. What I now do is ‘Philosophical Nature Photography’. leaf

3) What is the inspiration that keeps you going?

The definitive knowledge that we humans as one of the species don’t know how/what/whys of Nature in a larger context makes me always ponder and at best wonder about the Nature. Of late I have been trying to make images (for myself) which expresses mysteries of nature, which we take for granted. A sprouting seed is a wonder which I had taken for granted, not any more. However, effective portrayal of such expressions are hard. These words by Albert Einstein always resonates within me: "The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science. He to whom the emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand wrapped in awe, is as good as dead; his eyes are closed. The insight into the mystery of life, coupled though it be with fear, has also given rise to religion. To know what is impenetrable to us really exists, manifesting itself as the highest wisdom and the most radiant beauty, which our dull faculties can comprehend only in their most primitive forms-this knowledge, this feeling is at the center of true religiousness". Black and White

4) How do you feel when your work is exhibited and viewed by tons of people?

If you had asked me this five years ago my reply would have been different. Every creation in Nature tries to preserve itself and continue its progeny. Survival is an instinct that comes by birth to any life form in the nature. In human species part of it appears as ego. While I say, ‘I sing for myself’, I don’t need to write my name in the title page of my book of poems if I were a poet. I think there can’t be a larger purpose beyond wondering about scheme of things in Nature. At one point I thought my photographs can become powerful if I portray human emotions. No more so since I can reason about it better, now. While emotion has its roots in survival of the self and progeny, ethics and morality is our own creation intended to preserve human species, in general. All of these lacks meaning when earth is seen through a telescope, appearing as a tiny faint dot between the rings of Saturn from Saturn (reminding myself of NASA’s Cassini’s images of earth from Mars). My ego got diluted over the years. I must admit the ego did not get evaporated fully. The day it happens I will stop sharing my images or doing an interview like this one. Banyan

5) Can you tell us something about Photography and its inception?

It started as a copying machine, then people used it as a tool to create art. Of course we may use it to say something too.

6) To you, what is Photography?

A tool which I use to wonder about Nature. our world

 7) Can you tell us something about your Photography community?

I have a small circle of friends who share similar interest. We have an online community of photographers called Creative Nature Photography Forum, CNP for short ( This is a place where we discuss creativity, different forms of art and of course photography. what it means

8) Can you tell us about the general response you receive in exhibitions?

Perplexed, disinterested, tired, bored, refreshed, energized, exhilarated, at times awe-inspired.

9) What do you think about the scope of Photography in the modern Digital world?

No doubt, photography is a powerful medium which has a great potential to refine human ethics and make earth a better place for life that inhabits the earth. birds

10) How do you feel about your association with Honeycomb creative support?

I have met Honeycomb team a few times. Honeycomb has the state of art fine art printers. Printing is a different challenge altogether. Preparing an image for printing, taking care of all the nuances of profiling and color management are very important for making beautiful and meaningful prints. Honeycomb has all this in place. Phone

11) Can you share us your future plans and dreams?

I have no big plans or dreams. After I retire from my current day job I may make photography as my profession. Right now I don’t know what it means. For now I continue to wonder about Nature and make images when possible. boy
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