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An Exclusive Interview With Distinguished Photographer Shruti Moghe

Shruthi Moghe

Shruti Moghe




1) Would you tell us more about you and your interest in Photography?

I have been a photographer for the past 14 years and along the journey I’ve realised the power of photography in everyday life. When I started photography, I shot on film and the learnings have been incredible from that time. It’s moulded me as a photographer. I also started my journey in stock photography and seen millions of photos which have helped me develop my own style of work. Today I shoot with my heart and every shoot I’ve done holds a special place. Happy Family

2) Can you please tell us about the types of Photography you indulge with?

I am completely into natural light lifestyle photography. I primarily capture memories for families, babies, kids, maternity portraits and couples or individuals. I like to shoot the extraordinary in the ordinary. I like to capture the real life and real personalities of people.

3) What is the inspiration that keeps you going?

I am a mother to 2 beautiful kids (6years old boy and 2.5 year old girl). With them, I understood so much more about life. I knew what a pregnant lady feels like and what she goes through, I knew how to confidently handle a newborn or how to attract a child’s attention. I know how to relate to all the parents I’m doing the shoot for, because I’ve gone through the same things they have gone through. I’ve felt my babies move inside me, I’ve gone through labour, I’ve had sleepless night and phases of trying to figure out why children cry... I’ve seen them grow, smile, go through milestones, and felt proud as a parent. I’ve felt the urge to capture everything about my children, capture every stage of their growing up. Capture moments that I can hold on to later when they are older. So I KNOW what it means to capture ‘love’ for the parents I’m doing the shoots for. I know because I’ve been there… through the hard bits and the fun parts. It’s moulded me to become a better person and a sensitive lifestyle child photographer among many other things. Sleeping Baby

4) How do you feel when your work is exhibited and viewed by tons of people?

I have not had any exhibitions of my work yet (life has been crazy with the kids and trying to juggle work)

5) To you, what is Photography?

The single most important component of a camera is the 12 inches behind it – Ansel Adams I’ve been seeing and studying the work of many photographers over the last 14 years on my journey as a photographer and realised that what we shoot is intrinsic to our personalities and our experiences. It’s who we are, that reflects in our photos. We make photographs the way we see things. And that’s what makes every photographer unique in their own way. So photography is the way a photographer sees, what the photographer is and what the photographers experiences have been in the past to make him/her see that way. Baby Girl

6) Please share us some of your achievements in Photography Profession?

My only achievement has been to put smiles on every client’s faces when they see their photos. On a lighter note, I've also achieved to be able to continue doing what I love doing while raising a family of my own. Balancing both has been interesting and something I consider an achievement! (Smile!!)

7) Can you tell us something about your Photography community?

Over the past 3 years, I’ve been a member of a group of female photographers across the country that have been very supportive and area fantastically positive bunch of women. Always looking at helping each other and bettering each one of us in our craft and as people. There’s a lot of work out there for everyone and it’s great to build a community that supports healthy growth. Family

8) Can you tell us about the general response you receive in exhibitions?

I cannot comment at that since I have not had any exhibitions.

9) What do you think about the scope of Photography in the Modern Digital World?

It’s a wonderful place to showcase your work and reach out to people. With platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Flickr, it’s been so much easier to reach audiences across the globe with your photography. Also digital photography has made it easier for so many people to become photographers. With it, comes its own set of challenges where everyone who owns a DSLR or an iPhone even, thinks they are photographers. But it’s the tools that are accessible to everyone, so it makes it even more interesting to see how everyone uses these tools. Girl

10) How do you feel about your association with Honeycomb creative support?

It’s been a great journey and I’ve always been happy with the quality of output delivered. And the most important part of it is the support from them that has been amazing. Warm and friendly people who always make things happen perfectly. So it’s been wonderful interacting with the team.

11) Can you share us your future plans and dreams?

I hope to keep touching hearts through my photography. Over time, when my kids are older, I plan to grow the business more and maybe even arrange an exhibition of a personal series of work. Let’s see what the future has in store. Baby Boy
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