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Connecting With Your Audience Through Content Creation

Connecting With Your Audience Through Content Creation

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In 2008, Seth Godwin said that Content marketing is the only marketing that’s left. The world is going through a crisis where people are craving stability, empathy, something that is beneficial to them and the only way forward is through content marketing. It is considered to be the best way to connect with people, offer them the value of your services, and to build a strong relationship with your audience. The following are the five ways through which marketers can make their content smarter, attractive, empathetic, and effective.

1. 5 Content Marketing Trends That Should Be on Your Radar

Innovators in content marketing have always been evolving and changing way before it was considered to be a separate discipline. Therefore it is important to develop new content and to distribute it through the right channels.

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According to John Hall, the right content means going with the current trends and identifying the content that will have value for a longer period of time. Firstly, he observes that the change in the world has been accelerated therefore the content plans have to be flexible enough to accommodate what happens tomorrow. Secondly, John highlights the importance of building influence in your brand and with trusted co-creators. Build up your own valuable channel and create opportunities with others. In order to increase the reach of your content, you need to work with influencers so that your content will be seen by the broader audience.

2. Content Marketing in Times of Disruption

A company should plan its content calendar but it has to be updated accordingly depending on the current circumstances. According to George Nguyen, a company should create a rapid response workflow to solve the problems that arise in their way. He also says that everyone in the organization must be aware of their current events and the issues that are affecting their customers. Planning out these solutions ahead of time can ignite the response process and can help in avoiding the internal debate that may occur. 

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George also says that marketers have to depend on the data while creating content rather than blindly following their assumptions based on their gut feelings. He suggests that we have to search for data to understand what the audiences are searching for during the crisis and also taking direct feedback from the audience will also help in improving the quality of the content. A data-driven strategy can keep your content appropriate to whatever happens in the future without making any mistakes.

3. Why Content Marketing Is More Important than Ever for B2B Brands

In this article by Nick Nelson, he points out that content marketing is cost-effective when the budget and ROI are closely reviewed and scrutinized. Content marketing is not pushy because during the hard time’s people might not prefer promotional and interruptive messages. It is the right time that a brand should stand up for themselves, be seen, be supportive, and build trust in the minds of the people. 

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While creating the content B2B enterprises have to come up with something that is emotionally moving, relevant, and empathetic towards their audience. It also proves that the brand can utilize this opportunity for the common good of society.

4. How to Measure Your Content Marketing Success

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This article Ben Jacobson talks more about the importance of content marketing’s business purposes by focusing on the implications of good content. Creating an emotional, social, and meaningful content doesn’t have to be at the odds; in fact, it can help effective marketing for businesses. He talks about the different types of metrics to measure the success of your content marketing efforts. It also helps in measuring your brand’s authority and share of voice in the market place. Ben says that mentions of your brand on social media, data relating to the number of inbound links and media coverage are all the indications that authority, digital footprint, and brand awareness has been growing.

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From the above articles, we learn that content marketing is the only way forward therefore every company has to make the most of it.  A marketer should focus on the content that is valuable and relevant to the audience to increase their reach.


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