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Check out the latest trends in digital marketing communication

Digital marketing has been evolving and developing from the past few years. 2016 was already a year that saw several notable changes in the way marketers perceived digital marketing and the challenge is only expected to get tougher in 2017.
Since revenue and growth are two of the most important factors for almost all types of business, over 70% of marketing professionals have shifted their focus on increased traffic to the website and conversion of leads.
You already know that with each passing day the competition is becoming tougher. If you want to stay ahead, take a look at the digital marketing trends that is going to reign 2017 and maybe beyond. And don’t forget to include the trends in your existing digital marketing campaign.
The year of the live video – 2016 has already witnessed the craze that people have for videos. It exudes a magnetic charm that instantly attracts people towards it. This year, video is taking a step forward and live video is going to rule the scene. With consumers becoming more tech-savvy and tuned in with their digital surroundings, they yearn to connect with brands. Over the past couple of years, video has accounted for almost 50% of all mobile traffic and a huge rise in video sharing, especially in the realm of social media, is expected. With Periscope and Facebook Live making it easier for you to share your stories with your customers, live video content should not be difficult to incorporate in your marketing mix.
live video
The indications are towards A.I. solutions – You must have already heard the buzz around A.I. technology, but did you know that 2017 is going to the year that will look towards artificial intelligence for a helping hand? Data analytics, along with current trends identifies that A.I. solution is the ultimate answer to help consumers navigate properly and seamlessly in an ever-increasing complicated world. This year is going to witness an A.I. revolution and in a big way. Are you ready?
artificial intelligence
The expiry content movement – Social media consumption is continuously on the rise and there is no indication of slowing down. With big players trying to monopolize the market, significant changes in social media is only, but natural. One huge digital marketing trend that is expected to change the world of social media is the expiring content trend. This trend allows brand to cut through all the clutter and noise and gain the attention of its target audience. With the content expiring within a few minutes or hours, it creates a sense of urgency. Snapchat was one of the pioneers of this form of marketing and the model became so successful that Instagram came up with its own version. Why are you not making use of the expiring content trend to promote your brand yet? This tactic is expected to blow in a big way in 2017 and is a trend that should not be missed.
content movement
Mobile devices that can be worn – At present, there are approximately 7.22 billion active mobile devices in the world. The funny thing is that this number surpasses the number of people meaning that technology is gaining momentum. With technology at the helm of operations, smartphone marketing is definitely relevant and with it, the trend of wearable mobile devices. The wearable market is expected to hit 4 billion by the end of 2017. To capture this trend, you need to make sure that the wearable devices are properly optimized as per the needs of your customers and feature an interactive screen for a superior user experience.
mobile device
Content still continue to remain the king – Amidst all the technological advancements and changes, content continue to firmly hold its place of importance. Even in 2017, information-rich, well-designed and interactive content will fetch you business and help to increase conversion rates. People are hungry for information and if you can pair up content with attractive images and videos, it will guarantee more traffic to your website and increased sales. In fact, if you are selling your offerings online, you might want to invest in writing reviews. This is because a majority of people prefer reading reviews before making up their mind to purchase a product or service.
content is king
Digital technology is getting more sophisticated with time. As such, the scope for businesses and brands to interact and engage with their consumers is seemingly endless. 2017 is touted to be the year of connections what with videos, interactive content and A.I. on the rise.
Start planning your digital marketing tactic by keeping in mind the aforementioned trends for reaching the zenith of success.
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