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Campaign Case Study - #LoveUMom

We, at Honeycomb, did a social media campaign, #LoveUMom, keeping in line with our motto We don't just create prints or marketing strategies, we create relationships. For our campaign, we made use of the popular social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. We ran the campaign in both our social media pages of Honeycomb and Photoshop to celebrate Mothers Day.
Through our campaign, we celebrated the love that is so innately visible right from the first time a mother holds her child. We have portrayed mothers who go all out for their babies and continue to nurture and love them throughout their lives.
Campaign Creatives on Facebook
For the posts that we boosted, we made use of images and videos.
1.  One showed a woman holding her baby close to her, feeding her. For this, we spent $15 and the cost per result was $0.02.  The reach is 8545 (6,383 paid and 2,162 organic). The engagement is 966, likes 955 and shares 15. The comments took a hit with just 2 comments. There is a 112 increase in page likes, followed by 9 link clicks and 54 photo clicks.
2.  In the other creative, a mother bird feeds her fledglings. We spent $24 for this post and the cost per result was $0.01. The reach of the post is 33,743, 2710 engagement, 2600 likes, 68 shares, 9 comments, 108 increase in page likes, 3 link likes and 229 photo clicks.
We also created a series of non-boosted creatives. For these posts, our designers particularly concentrated on showcasing the intimate love mothers have for their babies. We have tried to show the bond that a mother and child share, through images showcasing a little baby holding the mothers hand or the mother caressingly holding the feet of her child in a love formation. With these posts, we managed to reach out to 298 and 284 people, respectively.
We did not just stop there. We went beyond the love that a human mother has for her baby. We ventured into the animal world. Our designers created beautiful visuals depicting an elephant and leopard loving their babies. We chose the theme gallantry and these posts organically (non-boosted) reached out to 2,077 and 1,744 people.
Our campaign was not limited to engaging visuals, but we also included blogs. Our blog was highly appreciated by our readers and liked by 146 people.
To further strengthen our #LoveUMom campaign, we invited Mr. Abraham Marett, our client and a photographer. He agreed to give us an exclusive interview on the auspicious Mothers Day and expressed his beautiful views. We boosted the post for $12.96. The post reached 25,436 (21,487 paid and 3,949 organic). The engagement is 2935, liked by 290 and shared by 16. The video is viewed by 8912 people.
Abraham Marett, not just a coveted and loved photographer, but a revered actor as well. He happily went down the memory lane for us and divulged to us what Mothers Day connotes to him. He goes on to tell us about the boundless love of his mother that he incessantly feels every day.
Coveted photographer and actor Abraham Marett express his view on Mothers Day 
At Honeycomb and PhotoStop, we also ventured further to connect with our audience. We walked the extra mile and spoke to people from diverse communities and different walks of life. We interviewed them about what they felt about Mothers Day and how do they associate with this day. We further asked them about their feelings for their mother and if they have any special memory that instantly lights them up. We combined all of their opinions in one beautifully designed video to spread a little bit of love, laughter and joy to our readers and viewers. This video reached out to 471 people and viewed by 119 people without any boost.
Happy Mother's Day Video - Honeycomb Creative Support 
Email also played an important part of our campaign. In our email, we vividly described about the best canvas gift ideas for mothers. Our emailers campaign report showed that it has been opened by 284 people. Our emails boasted of a successful delivery rate of 94% (1,094) and total opens of 513.
Campaign Report
By spending $51.96 for running our social media campaign including creatives, blogs and video, we managed to reach out to 53, 509 people. Our total engagement is 4,294. Overall, the #LoveUMom campaign was a huge success and we were able to connect with some new customers.
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