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Best way to train your Employees is through Videos

Best way to train your Employees is through Videos

Companies and organizations across the world indulge in training programs specially created for their employees to keep them motivated and updated with the current day business trend.

But, with the pandemic and social distancing being the present-day situation arranging for an employee training with all the employees under one roof is not an ideal choice.

Here is where training videos come into the picture, video is the most effective way to communicate educational and business-critical information at the same time saving your time money and resources. 

According to the University of Queensland there are four benefits of video in education, irrespective of if you’re an educational provider or business with a global footprint.

  1. It facilitates thinking and problem-solving
  2. Assists with mastery
  3. Inspires and engages
  4. It provides authentic learning opportunities

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5 reasons your company should get training videos for your employees

1. Effective Learning

Videos have now become an integral part of engagement for our people who are online throughout the day. With the emergence of increased online video consumption due to better understanding, training videos can contribute to the major part when it comes to businesses. Employees can be trained through a set of videos that will leave a lasting impression of an effective learning experience.

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2. Information Retention

The entire objective of employee training revolves around information retention, to learn now and apply later. According to statistics, 7 days after the training session, employees will have forgotten 65% of what was covered during the training. This way businesses will lose out on a lot of spending the time and money planning and scheduling a training session. 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text, this is a mind-blowing reason to go for training videos.

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3. Measurable Metrics

The video technology has improved so much so that you can measure the metrics of a particular video you share with your team. Instead of handing them over a set of lessons all in a spiral-bound, share a link to the video lessons. Keep track of how long they have watched their lessons and how many lessons they have viewed.

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4. Convenient Access

Training videos are a smart way to impart lessons to current and new employees in a company. The first training session with the trainer can be recorded and divided into video lessons and it can be uploaded on to your company website. This way the employees can access it from anywhere at their convenience. They can spend their time learning during a long commute or their spare time also all your employees at various locations across the country can learn at once.

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5. Cost-Effective

Planning a training program for your employees can now be cost-effective by recording a video just once. If not you will have to conduct a training session once a year for the set of new employees joining the company. Also, with your company located across the country or globe, you will have to bring them all together under one roof, through video training you can down the cost of travel and accommodation.

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Training videos are created to empower people. These videos include employee training as well as professional educational videos for effective learning experiences. 

Here is how we made employee training videos.

A well-renowned resource management company was on the lookout to create a bunch of training videos for their employees. They reached out to Honeycomb with the objective of training the existing employees as well as new joiners by just sharing a set of videos. The employee training imparted technical knowledge and it was delivered by the leaders of the company. 

Our video production crew recorded 140 hours of technical training content using a single camera unit and an audio recorder. In Post-production, our skilled team of editors worked on the video with presentation slide inserts and the actual footage. We successfully finished the project, delivered the final output which was used for their internal training process.

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