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Be a Successful Freelancer: 5 Ways to Get the Clients for Your Photography Business

Be a Successful Freelancer: 5 Ways to Get the Clients for Your Photography Business

Ever wondered how some photographers are always on demand? How do they keep getting the best clients in the market?  If yes, this blog will unquestionably help you in getting clients and stay at the top spot of your niche. Photography is one such field, where you can turn a passion into a career because it provides a wide range of opportunities to make money and follow your passion, as well.    When you take up photography as a profession, just technical skills and creativity won’t sum up to get the best clients in the market; you need to have good communication, methods of negotiation, knowledge about the competitor’s market, and your target audience. Read on the top 5 tips to understand what you need to be doing today to get more clients and benefit from it. 1. Portfolio: Building a portfolio is the beginning and important step of your photography career. Your portfolio is the foundation for all the further steps you’ll take ahead in life. Let it be photography or any other service provider, customers look at testimonials, reviews, your previous projects before they think of hiring you. Don’t limit yourself to just pictures rather add videos of behind the scenes while shooting  video to make them feel comfortable to know you even before the negotiation. Build a strong online attractive portfolio before you approach clients.


2. Audience: One of the silliest mistakes most photographers make is targeting irrelevant audiences. Let’s say, you are selling gym equipment and you target people who go to the gym for fitness. This method of targeting is a waste of resources and time. Pick up your niche, and determine who your target audience are; It’s okay if you have to build a buyer persona to understand your audience but make sure to target the right set of people in the market. This will save your time and money considering that you will focus on building yourself where you will be noticed and approached.

3. Right platform: How important is it to choose the right platform? In the digital era we live in, there are multiple platforms provided to market your products and services. You need to figure out where your users are most active and develop a business strategy to market yourself on that particular platform. Some surf through social media for reaching out while some might search on google, you need to have strong  SEO for your website then. According to your niche, see what your competitors are performing, how are they building their brand, check out their portfolio, which platform are they frequently using to run ads, and see how you can improvise yourself according to the standards set by the industry.


4. Be a Volunteer: In your initial days, volunteer as a photographer for social events such as charities and exhibitions, take referrals from family and friends, these are some best ways of building a portfolio, in this way, people will start noticing you and your work. If you know about an event that is coming up, fix an appointment with the organizers, and be willing to work for them. Make sure you provide good quality work, so they will approach you for different events. Win at these initial steps of your career, and you will soon make it to the top spot.

5. Provide and Network: Provide value, ask for feedback, let customer satisfaction be your priority, be that person who provides the best service in your niche, and lastly make your clients feel comfortable. Provide your clients with good service, if you do so they may refer you to their family or friends. Build a good network within your industry. Look out for collaboration with the different photographers photographers, this will expand your reach and set your tone in the industry. Networking is extremely important to get clients. This is a guaranteed technique to build awareness and spread word of mouth regarding your work.

Now you know how to attract new clients, nevertheless, before you start implementing them, it is important to keep in mind that this is a time taking process and it requires consistency. You will not see the outcome just in one day or a week. Therefore, keep practicing and stay consistent in all the methods stated in the blog and you will eventually start gaining new clients and have a good reach in your niche. Sources:
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