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"There is immense scope in photography but finding the right platform is challenging." An in-depth interview with Architecture and Landscape Photographer - Anand Kumar

  1) Tell us something about yourself and how you did you develop your interest in photography? My love for travelling since childhood drew me closer to photography. And since then, I have been interested in travelling and capturing moments. Then, I moved to Bangalore for my Engineering and Masters, which temporarily put a break to my so-called hobby, only to realize that it was never a hobby. As I started working, my love for travelling grew which led to my first serious investment in photography, my Nikon D90 camera in 2010. Since then there has been no looking back. 2) What are the various types of photography you’re interested in?My interests mainly lie in Landscapes and Architectures. I also like Wildlife Photography. I always felt my love for travelling could be attributed to inclination towards the genre I chose to pursue. Being a Landscape Photographer has brought together my love for Travelling as well as Photography. 3) What is the inspiration that keeps you going?

The more I click, the more I see the scope to improve, and that keeps me going. The urge to perfecting each image pushes me to work harder and go the extra mile. Even after 9 years, I have not stopped learning photography, right from meticulously planning for a shot to post-processing.

  4) How do you feel when your work is viewed and appreciated by a large audience? I do feel good when people appreciate my work and feel even better when someone tells me that my work inspired them to take up photography. Also, would like to share that I feel very proud when my friends and followers (from social media) show interest in visiting the places, after seeing my photographs.   5) What is photography according to you? To me, photography is the ultimate way to relax, the feeling is difficult to describe. When I click a shot the way I had imagined, I get that ultimate satisfaction and I think it’s true, with every kind of art and I am not any different. In any kind of art, a basic idea is to convey a story. And that is what I try to go through my photography. 6) Please share some of your achievements. I have started sending my work to contests and magazines only quite recently. However, my photos have been selected in Lonely Planet, Drift Travel and won a prize from Outlook Traveler. Also, one of my pictures got featured in Smart Photography Magazine and another won the runner up prize in Travup Photo Contest.     7) Tell us about the general response you receive in exhibitions. Overall it was good. Initially, I have put a few of my works for exhibition, later I stopped doing it as, I found these places have limitations in terms of reach. So, now I post my photos either on my website or on my Facebook or Instagram page. In fact, I do get offers for tie-ups with local travel websites to showcase famous places in India.   8) What do you think about the scope of Photography in the current digital world? With the increase in purchasing powers of consumers and the rise of social media, digital photography has become as easy as breathing. Today, smartphones can take amazing pictures and you don't really need an expensive camera in the beginning. That said, the scope only comes into the picture if photography weighs more towards profession than passion. There is immense scope in most of the photography genres but finding the right platform is challenging. Yet, opportunities are high, and one should capitalize when provided.   9) What are your future plans? I have not practiced Astro Photography yet, so I would love to do it in the near future. Also, would travel to those places in India and abroad which I have not traveled yet. I am also planning to conduct workshops where I can share my experience and knowledge.    
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