Having over two decades of extensive experience in print, designing and related industry Honeycomb has stepped onto next level enduring through our fruitful journey. We would say out of pride that it is with the belief success alone does not make any sense but contributing for the sustainability of weak communities does, we have commenced our very first CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activity with Sneha Orphanage, a non- profit organisation located in Bangalore. It was a part of our “Let me color you” campaign which is all about coloring the lives of people through whichever way we can. Being a communication design agency we transform color and design into perfection.
The company would want to do work that contributes to society whose values we share, where their actions count and their views matter. Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community. We live in an era where none of us does not even know who our neighbour is. Every one of us has shrunk to self- centeredness due to power of ego and money. Honeycomb wanted to bring about a change in that and that is where we decided to move ahead with CSR activities.
All hails to Ms Rita Thomas and Mr Prakash for running Sneha Orphanage provided with food, shelter, education and medical services. They takes up children up to 18 years who have been dispossessed and offers foster care with much effort and love. Here we could see around thirty five children who came from different background and are offered with a safe and beneficial environment for their betterment and also for them to grow in a nurtured tone. Most of the kids does not even know their parents, who they are, where they originally belong to and what they are. Whereas few others were dropped at the orphanage knowingly, few others were left out by their parents or relatives due to financial as well as prestigious issues. 
For us it was a perfect break when we did a visit to the particular orphanage since it made us realise where we stand, what we have and most important what we exactly are. While pursuing such a fast busy living, it is required to take such breaks by getting ourselves involved in certain community services. We really doubt are orphans really orphans? Because what we could see was unanimous minds- one family, one culture, one language which comes from the heart and a common care taker.
It was hard for us to believe each and every kid is extraordinary and we all were quite astonished grabbing the fact, infact the truth. All of them has some or the other unique quality- some are good dancers, some are good singers, some others are real artists and the list goes on. Sneha orphanage is more like a family where love, care, sharing and concern for each other lives. Honeycomb feels blessed to commence CSR activities with Sneha Orphanage. We are grateful to Sneha orphanage authority and last but not least great almighty for giving us a space to help those kids.

The greatest disease and the suffering is to be unloved, uncared, unwanted, to be shunned by everybody and to be just nobody. So let’s bring about a change, let’s get inspired, let’s start with ourselve’s

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