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A Three-hour Standee Design that Stood up Tall - Case Study

Client: A leading supplier of technology and services in the areas of Mobility Solutions, industrial technology, and consumer goods. 
Clients requirement: Design of standee 
Product: Innovative tool manufacturers.
A leading supplier of technology and services in the areas of Mobility Solutions, industrial technology, and consumer goods ,approached Honeycomb creative support for a master copy of Standee design.The client wanted a 3 X 6 feet standee design for their Oasis project which has to be delivered within the short span of three hours of time. Honeycomb Creative Support is a multi-channel graphic design agency based out of Koramangala, Bangalore.
Honeycomb conducted an initial study of the client's requirement and sent an appropriate estimation.  After receiving the work order, Honeycomb creative director held a conference call with the client along with his design team.  As per the discussion, the design work was allocated to three designers so as to provide three best options to the client.   
  • To deliver the master copy of high-quality standee design.
  • To send the design within just three hours of time. 
  • To transfer the clients thought into the design. 
  • To collaborate with design team so as to get three best possible output
As per the clients specifications, the design team started the design work. Based on the clients given content and concept inputs, the team used their creativity and finished the design work in Just 90 minutes. The three designers submitted the design work to creative director. After further fine tuning of design work, the work was submitted to the client. The client sent back for a minor correction. The same was carried out quickly and sent for final approval. The whole process took less than three hours and the client, being extremely happy with two design out of three options, appreciated the commitment and dedication of Honeycomb design.   
  • The design team made sure that they were in-line with respect to clients brief.
  • The three designers worked and coordinated as a team and managed to bring three different creative outputs.
  • Managed to satisfy the client with respect to their desired output.
  • Delivered the master copy before the short given deadline of three hours.   
Honeycomb Creative Support is a communication design agency based in Bangalore. We help companies for making their marketing communication materials like, Web-design & Development, Digital Marketing, Product & Corporate Video, Print collaterals, News Paper Proofing, Fine-art (Giclee) printing for photo/painting exhibitions. It also provide gallery space to showcase Artists works at Honeycomb Art Gallery.  For requirements contact: 9845128760 or you can visit our website for more information.
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