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A Scanner that Revives and Retains

Photos has been a part and parcel of life.  Today's generation, being obsessed with smartphones, easily takes tons of photos and selfies and share it among their circle and social media. Unfortunately, this was not the same scenario before three or four decades.  People over fifty, of course in the same frame of mind as today's youth, didn't have the technology or easy accessibility. They had to depend on photo studios to get a photo clicked. Moreover, photos would cost and took much more time to develop. However, people never fell behind getting the photographs taken of very important occasions like childhood, graduation day, marriage and so on.  Hence all most all earlier generation people have old photographic albums saved. Unfortunately, old photographs, be it black and white or color, cannot be saved as hardcopy forever because of many issues. Old photographs could get lost or damaged during shifting, or simply it would wear out themselves because of aging.
Transparency Scanner
Transparency Scanner
Artworks, mainly paintings, sketches and ancient arts also are in the threat of getting lost forever.  Even today, we see many ancient paintings and art works suffering the wrath of time and being partially worn out, smeared up and torn out.  Earlier, that is pre-digital era, many paintings and art works of great standard have been lost because of its aging.
Thanks to the digital upliftment, today we have high end scanner which can save the paintings, old photographs and artworks from its debris. This robust machines can not only revive the old glory but heal the actual damage the has been inflicted. A strained or torn paintings can be made as good as original by using high end scanner and its supporting software. The modern high end scanners like Epson 11000XL comes in handy in this regard. Be it color correction, film scanning, or transparency scanning, high end scanners, unlike old drum scanner, do a great job of retrieving the old glory.
These are the days of Photoshop. The high end scanner teamed up with this smart Image Editing software bring out amazing results. Old images can be reproduced and super-imposed to give back them a new life. Bromide scanning can enlarge photos or artworks to desired size. Any of this output can be as large as A0 size paper. Hence it is of great importance that we use high end scanner to save, retrieve and retain our cherishing ancient moments - forever. 
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