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7 Common Mistakes a Web Designer need to avoid While Designing a Website

best web design company in bangaloreEarlier a company to reach out to the people had very few options. These days a company without a website is regarded as a company with no zeal in the industry.  Website has already reached millions of people across the world. The purpose though is not understood by many. People from young entrepreneurs to established organizations own a website to get themselves recognized and get in touch with the world what they have to offer for them. A professional website, appealing to customers not only tells how much the owner cares about his/her company but also makes visitors feel the site is a trustworthy place thus bridging a trust element between customer and the company. This can dramatically increase the sales, calls and leads.
Here are few common mistakes a web designer makes, shared by the experts of Honeycomb family.
  • Typography Remember not all browsers support the font you have decided to use. Choose carefully
  • Generalization Website must be unique in some way to catch the attention of visitors
  • Streaming automatic video or audio on home pages
  • Unorganized content a success and failure of a website lies on the structured format of content
  • Right amount of white spacing many of us forget the purpose of white space in a website. We blindly deliver all the contents given by the client in the site and clutter the page with information. Make good use of white space in your design.
  • Using Flash It is definitely a wonderful tool which offers us to experiment of Animations. But, is it supported by all browsers and mobile devices? Choose your tool wisely.
  • Keep in mind the different kinds of visitors There are two types of visitors to a web page. One who has no upgraded version of a browser and the other who has everything upgraded. Although the client is the deciding authority on choosing what he thinks is right for his target audience, it is wise to approach a project keeping both these users in mind to provide the best experience to the most active users you can.
  • Easily Navigable  Make sure a basic-knowledge user also get to easily navigate through the page.
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