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6 ways to make Social Measurable

Today, social media is responsible for driving a huge amount of marketing interactions. Through the numerous first- and second-degree connections social networking has made visible, businesses can leverage peer-to-peer influencing to create and maintain valuable relationships.
To sharpen your approach around creating social content, and ups the odds of high engagement, here are six things you should be measuring:
1. Campaign Visits
Campaign visits are the number of times a lead lands on the page containing your social profiles. We use our own technology to create messaging for these posts our audience can either use the auto-filled language or write their own. We also use track the number of times someone loads this page combined with the second metric, this helps us determine how often people are sharing each piece of content.
2. Interactions
Interactions are the number of times that prospects have interacted with your social profiles. Interactions might include signing up, voting, liking, etc.
When you're tracking interactions, you'll want to compare them with the number of campaign visits you're getting (see the previous metric) this will give you an idea of how engaged your social visitors are. You'll also want to look at these numbers for each segment of your audience this will help you understand how different segments are engaging differently with your content.
Shares are the number of times prospects share one of your messages to their social network. Shares are similar to interactions, but they're an even better sign of social health. It's a good thing when someone likes you on Facebook or follows you on Twitter, but when your prospects start to share and re-tweet posts for you, you'll start to really see momentum.
4. Resulting Clicks
Resulting clicks are the number of times people responded to shares/re-tweets by visiting your social sites. This is where you really start to see results. For the most part, people are more likely to trust their friends and family than to trust advertising, which is what makes social so powerful. If my sister were to share something on Facebook, I'll probably check it out (unless it's something like nail polish). But if I see the same exact content as a paid ad, I might not click through.
In short, if people are sharing your content, and it results in more engagement, you're on the right track.
5. Registration
Registration is the number of people who follow a link to your social profile, and then, once there, fill out a form to receive an offer. This might be an appealing piece of content, a contest entry, a promotion anything that requires them to sign up.
6. Influencers
Ultimately, all of your social campaigns should be driving new names for your database, and nurturing interested prospects. By leveraging social networks, you're using your existing network to create an even bigger one.
Once your campaign is complete, and you have a significant amount of data, you'll want to determine who your biggest influencer is? And who is using their social networks to help widen your reach?
Courtesy - Marketo blog.
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