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5 Tools to help you be more efficient Working From Home

Covid-19 has shut down schools, restaurants, malls and almost all offices and companies nationwide. However, some businesses can still function online as well as offline making survival essentials available to all. Employees across India are now being asked to work from home. Now, let us look into the top 5 tools that can make working from home as convenient as possible. VPN - A VPN or Virtual Private Network is a crucial tool that you will be needing to access Corporate Resources. Company data is extremely vulnerable to attacks if its left unprotected and remote working employees need to have a VPN to ensure that their details are not easily hacked, which can then be used to target the company. There are a variety of VPN tools available online. Some of the most popular ones are NordVPN, and CyberGhost for the first-timers. Slack - When it comes to remote working Slack is the tool of choice for communication management. It has multiple functions that allow users to cut down on the number of emails they need to send internally. On Slack, you can create department wise channels that let you communicate instantly with your teammates. You can pick and drop files, direct message people, bookmark messages and much more. Zoom - If video conferencing has been giving you nightmares because it can be such a challenge to set up then Zoom is the light in the darkness. It allows you to share your screen, record the meeting, share content and best of all, only one person needs Zoom to set up a conference call, that person can then send the link to the other members and they can log in and participate for free. You can access the meeting from any device such as desktop, laptop, tablets, and smartphones. Aircall - Aircall is a VoIP business phone system that lets you create Virtual Call Centers, employees can field calls and contact leads from the comfort of their homes. Aircall is a viable tool for both internal and customer-oriented staff. Best of all it can be easily integrated with a variety of CRM tools to ensure that all leads are followed up. Trello - Trello is one of the best task management systems out there, its fun, quirky and most importantly, it is effective. It allows your whole team to create, design, and assign tasks in a straightforward visual interface. You can also create cards for every task, and sort them by the department or assigned personnel.
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