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5 Simple Social Media Marketing Techniques

5 Simple Social Media Marketing Techniques

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The world of social media is getting bigger and is only predicted to expand in the coming years. It is for this reason that businesses and brands have started to mobilize to include social media in their marketing strategy as early as now. To an inexperienced marketer, it might be tough to craft an effective social media marketing strategy but these simple tips will get you going in the right direction.



Artificial intelligence is already making big strides and although they are far from the versions of holding a decent conversation, they can still be put to good use for brands. Chatbots are a great way to help ease some of the burdens from your customer service department. They can help communicate and resolve customer issues with little or no human intervention. And chatbots can be integrated into social media platforms that many customers are already comfortable using.


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Customers now are expecting brands and companies to deliver a personal experience to them. Chatbots are able to provide some of that experience. To further create that experience, start redirecting audiences to a chat window with your chatbot instead of directing it solely on a landing page. This will help break the traditional idea from customers that you're trying to sell to them and it helps create a more personal experience with them.


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While it's true that metrics such as followers hold enormous value for your brand's social media marketing efforts, they're not the only key to social media success. You need to work to make sure your audience knows you are not a robotic entity. You can integrate a little personality in your brand's social media pages by injecting humor and emotions into some of your posts so the audience can relate to your brand better. You can ask your audience questions, get their opinions on certain topics, and share any newsworthy information.


It might not seem obvious but your best promotional tool is the people who love your products and are loyal to the brand. Instead of directing all your focus in finding new customers, leverage the current ones instead. You could also use your employees as brand advocates. To start, you should:

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  • Create guidelines for your social media.
  • Tell your brand advocates about best practices in social media.
  • Assign a leader in each section of your plan.
  • Track the data to see which sections are doing well and which ones need improvement.


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The rise of social media has pushed many companies and brands to create profiles in almost every social media platform they can get their hands one. But this will not help you reach your target audience. You first have to understand your buyer personas to choose the best channel to create a profile in. You won't need to be on LinkedIn if you're promoting sportswear for kids the same way Pinterest won't help your Ad fluencer business.

Businesses have become smart in handling their online presence. Thanks to social media, audiences are able to view them in a new perspective other than a nonhuman entity who only wants to take their money.

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