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5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Corporate Video

Your business surely needs a corporate video! Let us tell you why?

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Ever considered investing in a corporate video? Maybe not because you thought, “it’s a waste!” But that’s where we would like to guide you! Today, we’re going to discuss 5 key reasons why your business needs a corporate video. A corporate video does the following and a lot more:
  1. Highlights your company: A video gives your clients or viewer a glimpse of your company and products. If you feel that just writing has the same impact, then it’s a misconception. In a 3-5 min video, you get your client’s attention towards the highlights and main features of your firm. It is a great way to pack together your most important information along with any relevant images or music which will help attract any visitor on your website.
  2. Attracts prospective clients: Your corporate video can be your company’s voice across all social media platforms, be it, youtube, vimeo, facebook, instagram, etc. When any viewer sees the video and it catches their attention, they will definitely put in an enquiry about your product. But do remember to keep your video up-to-date with time. An old looking video may fail to grab attention of the newer generation!
  3. Increases SEO: Did you know, Google absolutely adores videos? It does. To rank higher on a google search, your corporate video has an important role to play. The more traffic you generated because of a video, helps you climb the ladder to the top position on google search and that in turn helps you get more customer. So, investing in a good video, helps you stay on top of your game.
  4. Simple to share: Word-of-mouth is now outdated! The recent in time trend is “Sharing”. You see a video, you like it, you share it! Simple! A video is easy to share and within maybe a very short period of time, your product or company becomes a top-ace thing because people are sharing it, tweeting it, liking it, commenting on it! And mind you, a lot of conversions are sure to happen!
  5. Be one in a million: Your uniqueness is your best thing! If a person goes through several similar sites, they read very similar content and can be confused easily. A video on the other hand with good content can be very appealing, easy-to-understand and creates more engagement.
So, why get a new Corporate Video? It’s easy, quick, accessible, drives traffic to your website and business and finally it brings you in more money! So don’t delay that all important corporate video to showcase your talents.
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