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5 Reasons Businesses Need To Go Online NOW!

5 Reasons Businesses Need To Go Online NOW!

2020 can be considered the year of the whiplash. Our lives have changed so dramatically in such a short period of time that many experts believe it will be challenging to go back to the normality we were used to. Closed shops and businesses, social distancing, and nationwide lock downs have forced people to stay in their homes for extended periods of time, however just because they are stuck in their homes does not mean they don’t need to buy products and services anymore. This is why delivery apps and e-commerce sites have boomed like never before.

Furthermore it’s not just e-commerce websites that have become more crucial than ever. Brands that never needed websites because of multiple reasons finally need to pivot to the digital segment as their normal methods of networking, building leads, and interacting with their customers have fallen by the wayside.

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Here are 5 reasons why businesses need to go online now!

1.A website allows you to get more customers

Small and medium-size businesses are constrained by their geographical location, if they only have brick and mortar establishments then only people within the driveable range can become customers. However having a website changes that, all of a sudden you can receive visitors from much further away locations. Besides 81% of people will look up a business online before making a purchasing decision. An additional advantage of having a website is that now the brand is available 24/7

2. Supercharge your credibility

Surveys have repeatedly shown that people will disregard businesses from their purchasing decisions if they do not have a website. According to this study 56% of the respondents were unlikely to buy from a brand that didn’t have its own website.

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3. You don’t need to be or hire a tech wizard to develop it

Over the past few years, web development has improved by leaps and bounds, there are now numerous services that allow even non-tech savvy people to create customized websites with pre-set templates that can be mixed and matched to their preferences. Furthermore websites are a low-cost investment which offer a high return by giving you more customers and increased brand visibility.

4. Websites are a time-saver

The on boarding process for new customers can be easily streamlined via a website, they can check out the FAQs for common inquiries or reach out via the chat functionality to get their needs addressed. As a result, brands can devote more time to other crucial tasks and activities

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5. A website sets you apart from your peers

It is crucial for any brand to communicate the right message to their prospects as effectively as possible. Your website allows you to position yourself in a way that only the most relevant visitors will be able to find you. It gives you the freedom to shape perceptions in a way that’s not possible with using social media accounts only.

In conclusion, a confluence of factors has made it necessary for brands to develop their websites if they wish to sustain themselves over the coming years. We hope you found this article useful. Please check out our blog for more information about web design, digital marketing, graphic design, and video production.

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