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5 Advanced SEO Techniques that will Improve your Website Traffic and Visibility

5 Advanced SEO Techniques that will Improve your Website Traffic and Visibility

Ever thought why your website is not ranking on top of the search engine result pages despite optimizing your website with relevant keywords and high-quality content? SEO is a time taking process but it gives you an organic result and increases your visibility which in turn leads to a good number of conversions. With constant Google’s algorithm updates, it can be exhaustive and challenging for the SEO analyst to keep up with the latest trends. But with knowledgeable skill and good practice, it is possible to improve the ranking for your website. Seo Agency in bangalore Why do you need a search engine optimized website? According to the study conducted by, Joel House Search Media,
  1.  Improving SEO is the biggest priority for 61% of companies.
  2.  Effective SEO practices provide a conversion rate of 14.6%.
  3. Organic SEO is over five times more effective than PPC advertising.
Now the question is, what is an advanced SEO? Advanced SEO is all about an in- depth understanding of what Google expects from your website and thorough knowledge of the basics of – On-page and Off-page SEO. Before you implement the five advanced SEO techniques, make sure you have managed all the On-Page SEO basics because it is essential to work on your website from the foundations to the advanced. Let’s get started on how to make your website rank #1
  • Content Hub: According to Neil Patel, “A Content Hub is a destination where website visitors can find branded, curated, social media, user-generated, or any type of content related to a topic.”
Let me put it across in simple words for you, the content hub is basically neither a blog nor a website, you can call it a mini resource centre where you find all the information related to a certain topic or theme.   There are three major parts to it:
  1. Content Hub
  2. Sub Content Hub
  3. Pathway
The visual representation of what Content Hub looks like: Seo services in bangalore   Now, look at the visual image, it states that
  • Content marketing in the middle of the diagram representing the content hub, the main resource center.
  • Sub content hub is where the user finds more relevant informative content related to the main topic. Here sub content hubs are -ways to improve your content, types of content, top trends of content marketing.
  • Pathway: The link from the content hub to the sub content hub is called a pathway and it is also known as internal linking.
You’ve got a clear idea of what Content Hub looks like; this is very effective as it increases the duration of time spent by your audience on the website.
  • Google RankBrain:  You’ve high-quality content but what’s the point if it is not according to Rankbrain algorithm.
What is Google RankBrain? Google RankBrain is a part of Google’s AI algorithm which helps in sorting and searching the websites according to the search queries. How does RankBrain work? These are the two parameters it specifically looks for:
  1.  Keywords
  2. User Experience
  • Keywords: Keywords are search terms which a user types in search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo which are also called as search queries. I request you not to be spammy by stuffing keywords; do intensive research and choose the top-performing, good volume keywords, and implement them in your content and headers.
  • User experience: User experience will be gauged on three aspects and they are:
  1. The amount of time the user spends on the website
  2.  Bounce rate
  3.  Number of users clicking CTR (click-through rate)
You have an idea of how RankBrain has been viewing your website and how you can optimize your content, accordingly.
  • SEO Landing Pages: What is Landing Page in SEO?
According to Yoast,  a landing page is a page specifically designed for one purpose: to make a visitor convert to a customer. Whether it’s signing up for an event, subscribing to a newsletter, or donating money to a charity; a landing page aims to do just that. But is it enough to optimize precisely a single webpage on your website and aim for a higher conversion rate and doubled visibility? Absolutely, no. Many make the mistake of ignoring the homepage by putting in all efforts for the landing page.The Landing page requires more optimization but the home page needs to be updated as well. Let it be your home page or sales page, it is important to have all your web pages within your website optimized.  Do not optimize solely your sales page assuming it is enough to get your conversion rates higher. Seo Company in bangalore Now talking particularly about a landing page. Here are your checklists for Search engine optimized Landing Page:
  1.  Gripping Headline and Subheadings: If you want more visitors make sure you’ve an attractive headline and to increase the page visitor duration on your website, have informative subheadings.
  2.  Relevant Keywords: Add keywords only relevant to your business. Relevant keywords will bring more visitors to your website.
  3.  SEO friendly URL: SEO friendly URL should be short and should contain your business related keywords.
  4. Attractive Visual+ Alt image: Link your website URL to the visuals of your blog. Make sure the visuals are of high quality.
  5. High- quality Content: Content drives people to click the CTA button. Do not copy content from other websites. Be creative and unique.
  6. User Satisfaction: How responsive is your website to the user’s queries and how comfortable is the user while surfing the website.
  7. Unique Selling Proposition (USP): Your USP can be your price, quality, or user benefits make sure you mention them on your landing page.
  8. Call to Action (CTA): CTA is the final action taken by the user. It could be to fill out a form, download e-book or make a payment.
  9. Testimonials and reviews: Add testimonials and reviews on your landing page to build the trust and confidence in your target audience to purchase your product or service.
  10.  Conversion tracking: Conversion tracking can be defined as tracking your user’s behavior and activities on your website.
  11.  Remarketing Pixels: Remarketing pixels are used to track data for further marketing purposes.
Create an attractive landing page but do not forget to optimize the other webpages of your respective website.
  •  Mobile SEO:  Mobile SEO or Mobile friendly optimization is the process of making your users get the same interface experience they get on the desktop.

Seo Agency in bangalore

  Why is it important to have a Mobile- friendly optimized website? In the present world we live in, it is evident that the usage of mobile devices is growing significantly. According to survey conducted by, Webfx,
  1.  People spend 70% of their Internet time on mobile.
  2.  74% of users are more likely to return to a mobile-friendly website.
  3.  Mobile-friendly websites improve the opinion of more than 60% of users.
  4. Google prioritizes mobile when crawling and indexing websites.
When the user tries to access your website through mobile, irrespective of high-quality content, without a satisfying user experience, it is unlikely for the user to remain on your website; this eventually leads to a high bounce rate. Start working on the Mobile optimized website as it will generate leads which will help your business grow and also helps in being on position 1 of the search engine result page
  • Update your Old Content:  New content is fresh and gives you more traffic but what if I told you that updating your old blog post can double your traffic and visibility.
According to the study conducted by HubSpot, the results stated that updating old content can significantly increase your organic traffic. web design and development company in bangalore This is one of the tactics which many content creators made use of when they didn’t have fresh content for the website. Surprisingly, they observed that updating old content can boost their SEO and provide fresh scores. Many studies were conducted to see if the method actually works, and it does. Without putting in much effort and time, it provides the organic reach and traffic which fresh content takes time to achieve. These are the top five advanced SEO techniques, which will improve your organic traffic for your website in addition to generating leads for the business. SEO is a time taking process. Be consistent in optimizing your website frequently. Do not expect immediate results. Along with, you need to implement the advanced techniques only when the basics of SEO are done well.
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